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SOHH Ya Heard Exclusive: Carey Kelly To Testify Against R.Kelly!

Posted on May 20, 2008 10:00 AM

Damn! It looks like R.Kelly is doomed to go to jail because one of SOHH.com's close court house sources are telling us that Kell's brother will be testifying against him.


Trust me. This one is good.

For those who remember, it was once widely reported that the Pied Piper of little girls R. Kelly allegedly offered Carey Kelly [Kells younger brother] a large sum of money to take the fall for his child pornography case. Here's what our source is saying:

Not sure if this is newsworthy or not, but my people just told me that R.Kelly's brother Carey is taking the stand against his bro. I don't know if people outside the Chi know or remember, but this is the same dude that Kells tried to bribe (10 stacks) to say it was him in the video when it first came out like 6 years ago because they favor, but not that much.

He came forward with the bribe accusation (probably because he was insulted dude tried to only offer 10 stacks) and went to the media. Kells tried to say it was because his bro was salty that he isn't helping him with his career.

He also has told several people in the Chi over the years, that I know through somebody else, so its like 3rd hand info, that he has dirt on Kelly going way back. They've been beefing for a minute though.

And because my memory is SOHH good I even found the audio of Carey talking to Miss Jones from Hot 97. Y'all remember when Carey said that he saw Kell's kissing dudes in the mouth?

[Listen To Part One Here]

[Listen To Part Two Here]

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