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**EXCLUSIVE** Jermaine Dupri To Media: "Stop F*&king Asking Me About Justin Timberlake!!!" Is This How We Sell Books These Days??

Posted on October 28, 2007 7:45 AM


The video you’re about to see is an extreme departure from the personable southern gentleman Jermaine Dupri always projects to he and Janet’s audience. In this video clip that was emailed to me anonymously last night the hit-making musical genius appears to be going off on Patti Webster, or someone from W&W Public Relations, regarding the media and there current interest in his outlandish comments towards current Pop King, Justin Timberlake.

Here's the thing about this video.... It seems suspiciously reminiscent of Dallas Austin's video confession about Christina Agulieria. You know, the one where he basically said that she "fux for tracks"? That video sparked such controversy that it was mysteriously removed from youtube days later and forced the alleged cocaine feind to issue an apology.

But in this clip it's like you can see him reading his rant off a cue card that I imagine Janet holding in the background. Is this what entertainers resort to to sell books these days? And to be fair J.D., you're the one who brought up Justin Timberlake so it's only natural for the media to inquire.

And do people still use the term "whack"???

But I will tell you one thing, from what I know of Patti Webster she don't stand for that type of disrespect from her clients. This video has "staged" written all over it.


Let me help the man out since it's obvious all he wants to do is sell some books. (Advertiser voice): Pick up your copy of J.D.'s Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul (Hardcover) at any local bookstore.

There you go Jermaine. I hope it helps..LOL!!

Posted by SOHH Streetz

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