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Cam's "Cuurtiiiis" Vid Is Officially Here, Woman Beat Down At Jeezy's Party?

Posted on February 15, 2007 9:57 AM

And I hear the rest of the Dipset crew fell back and don't even want to be involved in this beef--just Cam. Speak on it...

And now for a Ya Heard??? Blind Item...Who's behind this "Who Am I" promo? Shout out to Mike over at Universal for the vid.


Monica's fiance producer Rodney Hill is getting caught up in a Naomi Campbell syle story. At Jeezy's party this weekend in the ATL celebrating his new platinum status, Rodney (Rock) and Monica were chillin' in VIP when a "fan" got real rambunctious with Rock and security had to put her out. Now this woman is claiming that Rock beat and punched her and she's posting pics all over the internet to prove it.

Rock says he would never hit a woman and noone in the packed club and VIP saw him do anything except her two friends. Her story rings of groupie love. Rock told media sources that this stan was all over him while Monica was not around at the time and reached into his pockets and crushed his $2000 Cartier shades. So he got heated but security snatched her up before he could do anthing. I actually interviewed Monica yesterday and she said she would bust a chick in the face before Rock would. She says this chick only sees dollar signs.

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