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Wassup Famâ€"

Don’t kill me, but I didn’t catch last night’s episode of The Way It Is because I attended a taping for a VH1 Soulstage Show headlined by.... WYCLEF JEAN (Check back @ 1:30 for my take on that... interesting stuff went down last night, forreal for real).

But, as promised, here is part two of my interview with Ms. Tationna “Hollywood” Bosier. This part’s a lil juicer than the first installment... here, Tati dishes about her housemates (including you-know-who). Read on! **Note** If you missed part one, here’s the link: Breezy Shoots The Breeze With Tationna "Hollywood" Bosier PART ONE

Wassup y'all!


I know I've been promising this interview for awhile, and now I'm making good on it! Due to scheduling conflicts, you've noticed that I haven't been able to re-cap this season's installment of College Hill:Interns. However, I have caught the show here and there, and I must say that it is one of the better BET reality shows. A good mix of positivity as well as a hint of scandalousness (now, you know it's not a reality show if it doesn't step to the bad side a lil' bit!)

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to chat with the show's so-called "diva", Tationna "Hollywood" Bosier. And honestly, I'd have to say that nothing to me reads "Hollywood"-ish about her. Yeah, she's fashionable and stuff, but she reminds me of myself, a young Black sister on her grind, trying to get big things poppin'-- and lil' sh*t stoppin'. That's an NYC girl for ya (Sorry!).

Click below to read PART ONE of the interview...


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