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Cue today's theme music: Shannon-- "Let The Music Play"

Okay... okay... enough with the Puerto Rican anthem. We got more
::sings:: Let the music play... we won't get away...

Okay, CUT THAT SH*T. We got bigger fish to fry-- artists who apparently didn't know when to let their music (or their music videos) STOP.

2007 was a year full of good music videos... but mostly bad ones.

Which is why Breezy is back to bring y'all PART TWO of the 2007 Breezy's... and this time we're sh*ttin' on the music videos!

Some of these awards might shockyou. Some of them might piss you off.
Some of them might make you say, "heeeelllll yeeaaah!"

Ready? Let's go get 'em.

Hey, fam. I've just gotten thru the VMA's, and as promised, I'm gonna tell y'all how it went down... and down... and down.

You know what? If you want me to break this down for you, plain and simple: this show was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overhyped. And damnit, they got to me too, especially when I blogged live from MTV when they announced the nominees on TRL. It has been no secret that MTV, in terms of their awards ceremonies, has fallen off, and I guess this year, by creating new award categories that make no sense whatsoever, they're trying to recapture the essence they lost back in, say, 2003. I say, if they wanna get it back to how it used to be, for next year's show, bring back Chris Rock to host, and stop putting these bullsh*t celebs on the show (like the Laguna Beach/Hills whores and those losers who were announced the Best New Artist category). And how about actually PERFORMING ON THE ACTUAL STAGE? I know this is Vegas, and they wanted to have that "party like a rockstar" mode goin' down, but it was annoying watching the camera go from suite-to-suite. I mean, sh*t, let whoever's gonna perform do it on THE ACTUAL PROGRAM, and save the other sh*t for an aftershow or something.

But let me stop going off, and get into this recap. I'm going to put the show's highlights under three categories, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But to start things off, there's one performance, which, the very first time I saw it, I hated it. But then, f*ck, I had to go and watch it two more times-- and it grew on me. My personal opinon: it's aight, but she's done better (2003 smooch with Madonna ring a bell?) So I'll let y'all decide whether it was good or not.




VMA's @ TRL... The Wrap-Up!


Alright. I'm looking at Asian chicks on the stage right now, decorated in glitter and with painted stars on their face. They're tuning their violins, but I hear a sample of "Stronger" starting up. So you know what this means!!

I'ma keep it 100 with y'all, fam... I'm torn between being a member of the press AND a fan right now. It's hard keeping your composure.. it was REALLY hard when Chris Brown and Timbo came on stage.. I've been a fan of Timbaland for YEARS. But I kept it cool. I kept my panties on.

But its REALLY hard... especially wheh Timbaland is DEAD IN FRONT OF ME, filming a introducing Kanye's video.
AND Y'ALL.. I MET TIMBALAND!! I got to introduce myself and tell him how big of a fanI am. He was nice, shook my hand. SO, now, I'm making a rule: NO HATING ON TIMBALAND ON MY BLOG Y'ALL. SERIOUSLY. I mean, I was so hyped when I met him I wanted to say, "Ayo, F*CK SCOTT STORCH", but I didn't want to ruin OUR moment.

I also shook Rihanna's hand-- she was pretty sweet, too.

Kanye's performance was AWESOME. "Stronger" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" sound AWESOME live, as most songs do when they're peformed live. And YES! He wore those damn shades-- DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?
But best of all, he bought Common out with him and they performed "Southside."

I gotta admit, this was pretty tight. I was feelin' it, no doubt.

The show's over now, and the kids are screaming because the casting director chick is giving away stuff. Hey, lady.... what about BREEZY?!

Let me wrap this up-- we're getting ready to go. Hope y'all enjoyed the posts-- I'll check y'all later.

Keep it Breezy!


DJ Cipha Sounds is outside with CHRIS BROWN!!!!

Chris Brown was nominated for the Best Choreography category. Now, in my opinion, Chris is NOT that hot of a dancer. Y'all don't know how HEATED I was when BET voted him #8 in their Top 25 Dancers of All Time Countdown.

But, let me stop... I'm at MTV now.

I just spoke to three spectatos sitting in front of me, let's call them Brown Hair Girl, Pink Stripes, and Blue Shirt Man.
I pose the question: "Are you all excited to see Chris Brown?"
Answer: "YES!!" from all
Pink Stripe: "Do you know if Justin Timberlake is going to be here?"
Breezy: "No, I don't" (which is the honest truth).
Breezy: "Who do you think is a better dancer between Chris Brown and JT"?
Blue Shirt Man: "I'm a big JT fan, so.."
Brown Haired Girl: "Chris Brown! He makes his own choreography!"
Pink Stripes: "It's two different styles of hip-hop, so that's an unfair question!"

Fam, what y'all think?

Chris Breezy just came upstairs, making me feel like LaChesta the Female Molesta (ha ha @ my play on words) for wanting to rush the stage and straddle him. He;s wearing some interesting looking surf shirt. Aloha, baby.
So he announces the BIG award category, which is:

Amy Winehouse-- "Rehab"
Beyonce-- "Irreplaceable"
Justin Timberlake-- "What Goes Around"
Kanye West-- "Stronger"
Rihanna-- "Umbrella"
Breezy's Pick: "Rehab" or "Stronger"



I hope you're watching MTV @ 1:00 PM
In case you wanna see what I look like, I'm sitting in the top row furthest to the right (or left, depending on your vision) and I'm wearing glasses, green & white striped tank, my hair's curly, and I have my laptop in front of me. DO YOU FEEL A CONNECTION TO ME, FAM? Ha, ha, ha. These kids are screaming in my f*ckin' ears, but you can't help but get caught up in it. So:

I know one thing that's p*ssing me off. It's f*cking 100 degrees out here in NYC, so naturally on my way to the press check-in, I stop at Starbucks and get an iced tea.

DJ Cipha Sounds is outside with the unlucky ones who have to witness the show in the building and I'm excited to see him.

Aight y'all... we're still doing the run-through but I just heard Damien announce the nominees for Best Female Video Artist which are:

Amy Winehouse. Beyonce. Fergie. Nelly Furtado.

Damn... they might as well just give the award away right now.



Wassup y'all! Ya girl Breezy just sat down in the studios and I'm waiting for this ish to start. Now I've just gotten word that Kanyee West's supposed to perform, as well as Ms. Umbrella-Ella-Ella- Ay-Ay-Ay's supposed to be here as well! I know that I spend a great part of my nights hatin', but I'm actually kind of excited...

So, they're still setting up, and I'm watching MTV VJ Damien Fahey run through some stuff. Not much to report right now, but I'm basically gonna be your inside look @ MTV. Like I said, not much to report--- but the kitchen they had all the press sit in was STACKED!!!

KEEP CHECKING BACK... I'm gonna be interacting with the audience, announcing the nominees for the 2007 Video Music Awards, talking about those gay @$$ shades I'M SURE 'Ye will be wearing... yeaaaaaahhhh baby!!!

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Barclays' Talkin' Videos 2006 Awards: A Stylish Fourclosure


Welcome back to the Barclays Talkin' Videos 2006 Awards program. I'm Ron Mexico, and this is our Black History Moment.

Now, let's get back to our recognition of the hand-picked Negro leaders of our culture's musical representation to the world.

*looking around sheepishly*

...If that's okay with you, Mr. Barclays.

Barclays' Talkin' Videos Awards will continue after a brief word from a lesser sponsor.

You’re a proud black sister. A true African original. Your ancestors smile upon you and your determination in the struggle. Your darkened womb is cradle of all civilization.


Now slap this shit in that nappy ass head of yours so you can come out in public.

(Just for Me No-Lye relaxer now comes in Crispy, Crunchy, Nappy and Nipsey. Select the level of incineration that's right for you.)

Barclays' Talkin' Videos 2006 Awards - The Second Coming


Before we continue with the Barclays' Talkin Videos 2006 Awards, I am being prodded to throw to our next, and probably most important sponsor.


Barclays: Savor the Historical Context


Talkin' Videos 2006 Awards - The First (of the month)


*cue more corny ass music*



I again graciously thank you all for a 2006 that I could not have conjured up in my most insane of fried chicken nightmares. In a strange era where freedom of thought and expression are under consistent attack, I am both honored and elated to engage this symposium with you guys on a daily basis. As expected, 2006 saw my scrotum slurped, stretched, yanked and folded in every direction possible. In lieu of said testicular abuse, I am proud to announce that my balls are currently smooth as eggs and reloaded.

I hope this program reaches you happy, shiny, healthy and well-rested but still fiery enough to gnash your teeth at these skip-skaps, scollywhops, hoebags, so-called recording artists, pawnk bitches and Fergie. Blessed are ye who understand what we do here and why.

Alright. You’ve been waiting long enough. Finally, on massive CP time, the 2006 Talkin’ Videos Awards commence.

The Pre-Mexican Awards Party!


I would like to thank you all for a deliciously spiteful 2006!

As we continue to dickslap the industry and its visual representation, I’d also like to take this time to look back a bit. Much like last year, January will play host to our Talkin’ Videos Awards Ceremony. Unlike last year, I’m giving you, the loyal Talkin’ Videos reader, the opportunity to influence the categories, nominees and eventual winners of 2007’s “Mexicans.”

This year YOU are the Academy!

The Atlanta BET Hip-Hop Atlanta Awards of Atlanta Blog!



As you all probably know, last night was the first of what’s likely to be over 750 airings of the BET Hip-Hop Awards, colorfully hosted by America’s favorite Pimpin’ Negro Leprechaun, Katt Williams. As you all also probably know, my expectations of both The Negro Channel and common contemportary rappers ain’t all that high either. I pretty much spent two hours waiting for Eat Dirt to get hit with an aluminum fold-up chair so that we might actually have been entertained.


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