The Wire Season 5-07: Someone's Being Taken For a Ride


(Before I get into this, I just wanna state... AGAIN... that these The Wire blogs are NOT, I repeat, are NOT re-caps, they’re reactionary pieces based on what I took from the episode, meaning what caught MY attention during the viewing. You all are free to comment on things that I chose to either overlook or omit due to space. This is in response to the person that desperately felt the need to make a comment two weeks ago about me not “re-capping” this “professionally”, as say, would.. well, duh, nigga. Do I work for HBO? They’re giving you a basic PLOT SUMMARY, and I’ve said that from DAY ONE that wasn’t what I was going to do. PAY ATTENTION before you TRY to call me out on some sh*t I NEVER said I was gonna do. Thanks!)

Okay, the episode’s really called “Took”, which makes sense. Lots of people get taken for a ride.

Matter of fact, sheeeeeeeeeeiittt. B-More as a whole gets taken for a long one â€" y’all seen that opener didn’t you?

I know I didn’t post my reaction piece about Ep.6, but I’m pretty sure y’all watched it, and so y’all know exactly who’s photo McNumb Nuttz and Freak-mon bluetoothed, along with Jimmy now giving an actual voice to the “Homeless Serial Killer” via cell-phone... IN A CLOSET RIGHT NEXT TO THE WIRE TAP COMPUTER.

Everyone and their mama sees it and goes B E S E R K. Especially Carcetti .
What does he do? Tells Daniels to fix this sh*t, of course, and finally makes it rain on them hoes.

Is that good news or bad news for Baltimore PD?
Good for them, bad for McNulty...

And too, too, too bad for Bunk, who’s actually still doing police work, trying to connect links to Marlo the hard right way. You can’t help but feel his frustration when he’s asked to participate in this circus. F*CK THAT!

I liked the flipped back-and-forth scenes between the newsroom and the meeting with Deputy Daniels as both settings dealt with tackling the Homeless Serial Killer in each of their arenas, especially now that he has a face. It;s funny how the two people who are milking the hoax the most suddenly become thrust even further into the spotlight of it all: that f*cker Scott Templeton will not only be writing a first person account of his homeless encounters, but will be interviewed about his “street odyssey”, making him into a subject as well.

And McNulty? Well, as ironic as life could possibly turn out, is now getting all the manpower he can stand nowâ€" behind his case, including Greggs, who is once again plucked from her triple homicide case. I guess he’s feeling reaaaaally guilty, because to make reparations, this n*gga (well, I really shouldn’t call him that, but you know) goes and tells some poor hapless detective working a case with no ends being pushed his way that he will give him manpower to work HIS case, but disguise it as overtime work under the Serial Killer Fiasco.

And oh-oh! This happens not one... not two... but three times. THREE! Who the FUCK made this dude Robin Hood? Then has THE NERVE to run up to Freak-mon and say, “Lester! Get me outta this sh*t!”

All I know is, stars shine the brightest before they die. Temp and McNulty better get their sh*t together, because it’s already becoming slowly and steadily undone.

Yeahâ€" you guessed it. Gus smells a rat. A rat named Templeton, just like in Charlotte’s Web. And he’s about to get exterminated.

Luckily, for The Baltimore Sun, they still have reporters that get the story the old-fashioned way.
I’m really interested to see how Fletcher will wind up writing his account of the homeless community, now that he’s got Bubbles under his wing. I believe what will wind up happening is Fletcher will pen a story specifically on Bubbs and his road to ex-junkie status.

I noticed that Baltimore’s insurgents and white-collar criminals have their own secret weapon: Billy Murphy, a reincarnate of Johnnie Cochran... and apparently JC’s spirit (not to mention Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s) crept up Clay Davis as well, because his day in court was something to be seen. Yepâ€" he went out in all “If The Glove Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit” glory, and the jurors ate his sh*t up, hook, line and sinker. Sheeeeeeeiiiit, I thought I heard Mahalia Jackson sing in my ear singing "Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho" at one point. I don’t know what had me rolling more, the fact that he was carrying a copy of Promethus Bound, or the fact that during his testimonial he dubbed that old woman’s ailment as “arthur-ritis”.
Pearlman is right... they don’t teach that sh*t in law school... but they should.

In honor of Clay Davis beating that case like a two dollar trick that owed him money, I thought I’d find this funny @ss fan-made video.

I know this was an Marlo-Chris-Snoop Trifecta-less episode, but ya man Omar’s still on the warpath, and has now resulted to popping off petty muscle (Savino) in order to get the message out to Stansfield: let's dance, the last dance, toooniiiight (sorry, I didn't mean the gay/Donna Summer connotation, lol), ‘cuz he’s got his good shoes on. Omar don’t give a damn if he got a crutch in one hand and a burner in the other (sidebar: if that scene wasn’t gangster, then I don’t know what is). They’re STILL no match. Like he said, Mike should thank his lucky stars that Omar had no idea that he was there when they got Butchieâ€" I believe that although it’s most likely against “his code”, being that his present state of mind right now, Omar would’ve offed a 14-year-old, straight up.

I saved this for last because number one, it was really touching, and number 2, it was the last scene. I’m talking about when Kima and her son are sitting in the window of her apartment, engaging in the gritty Baltimore version of “Good Night Moon” (the edition you WON’T find at your public library). “Good night, Po-Po! Good night hustlers! Good night crack whores giving blow jobs in alleys!” It was perfect, that I think that it didn’t belong in this episode; they should’ve skipped the musical montage and saved it for the series finale. What do y’all think?

Ain't no love in the heart of the city... Speaking of which, next is the episode where we'll get to see if Omar gets beheaded, as was previously rumored... hmm...

Comments? Thoughts? Holla at me:
Don't forget to check Making The Band 4 tonight, as well as Salt N' Pepa (although that re-cap/reactionary piece will air later on this week)

-- Breezy


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