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I know I've been promising this interview for awhile, and now I'm making good on it! Due to scheduling conflicts, you've noticed that I haven't been able to re-cap this season's installment of College Hill:Interns. However, I have caught the show here and there, and I must say that it is one of the better BET reality shows. A good mix of positivity as well as a hint of scandalousness (now, you know it's not a reality show if it doesn't step to the bad side a lil' bit!)

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to chat with the show's so-called "diva", Tationna "Hollywood" Bosier. And honestly, I'd have to say that nothing to me reads "Hollywood"-ish about her. Yeah, she's fashionable and stuff, but she reminds me of myself, a young Black sister on her grind, trying to get big things poppin'-- and lil' sh*t stoppin'. That's an NYC girl for ya (Sorry!).

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Breezy: First of all, you’re from The Bronx-

Tationna B: Yes I am!

Breezy: And you’re a fellow CCNY Beaver, and your major is advertising, right?

Tationna B: I’m a double major, I’m an Advertising/Public Relations major and theatre major at City College of New York.

Breezy: Ok, you’re a double major. Okay. How did you get involved with College Hill?

Tationna B: Well, I was interning at Bad Boy Records and I like the music industry, but I wanted to try something different. So I was talking to my friend about how I wanted to do something in T.V. production, so he sent me over something that said “College Hill interns.” So, I’m thinking, okay, I’ve heard of College Hill, I watch the show here and there so I’m gonna apply to be an intern on the show, to learn about film and production. I thought it was behind the scenes, so I went down to Manhattan where I thought there was going to be like an interview, and it turned out to be a casting.

Breezy: Mmm.

Tationna B: And that’s how I found out about the show, and since I was there, I was like, let me finish. Now we’re here, and now I’m doing this interview.

Breezy: [Laughs] Okay. So you’d seen College Hill before, what did you think about the other seasons, because I know some people I’ve talked to before [about the show], they’ve been like, “oh, that show’s kinda ghetto”, and you know...

Tationna B: Mmm-hmm... I watched, but I really didn’t start watching it until about Season 3. The end of Season 3 and a lot of Season 4 is when I started to watch it because the first two seasons wasn’t, the production wasn’t as good as Seasons 3 and 4. I could say that, I guess what makes us different from the other seasons is that it’s just not showing college kids in the house, or showing college kids going to class, it’s us being in the workforce and being on our grind, especially as young, Black students working incorporate companies, I feel that’s really a good look, us getting away from that ghetto image.

Breezy: Right. And you guys’ mentor was Dr. Ian--

Tationna B: Yeah, Dr. Ian, he was our mentor, so that was really cool. He’s a really intelligent man and he’s really down to Earth. They make him seem a little uptight on t.v., but he’s really cool.

Breezy: How did you adjust, was it easy to uproot yourself from the Bronx to Chicago?

Tationna B: Well, I think with most New Yorkers we feel that New York is just the best place on Earthâ€"

Breezy: Right!

Tationna B: And when you go anywhere else, it’s like, “Oh my God, I’m the country! Why does everybody move so slow!” But Chicago was real cool. It reminded me a lot of New York, but it was different in some ways, too. I really enjoyed my stay there, and I love the fact that everywhere you go it smells like a chocolate bar because of the Hershey factory.

Breezy: I saw a little bit for the first initial meeting, when you guys first met in the boardroom. Was that pretty much, was that edited a certain way, or was that pretty much true to form? Because I know the way they showed it, you were looking at LeTia like, “why is she wearing a tanktop,” you know? I’m not saying it looked like it was something bad, it just seemed like you were like, “wow.” Was that pretty much the way it went, or was it heavily edited?

Tationna B: I would say like, in a way it wasn’t really edited, but I guess you can say the way they sent people in the room and the order that they had people coming in to meet each other, everything I guess was done for a reason. But I can say that when we went inside, that was our first initial meeting. Just like you guys are seeing it, that was our first time actually seeing each other. I was asked that question, “what did I think of when she came in" and I responded naturally what I really thought about when she came in, you know, that was just my answer. [The producers] pick & choose what they show and what they don’t.

Breezy: What do you think was your roomates’ first impression of you
when they first met you? I mean,... since you’re from New York, and you know we get a bad rap for always talking about we’re overly confident, we’re cocky... do you think that was a label that they automatically slapped on you?

Tationna B: Yeah I think so, especially when I ...[laughs] well the press release reads that I’m the “diva” of the show. I don’t know if that’s just me or it’s just a New York thing, but I guess when you have a certain confidence about yourself it can be mistaken as being cocky, or arrogant, but I’m just, I’m really proud of where I come from, I feel I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and where I’m going, so, I don’t feel that I should sort of hold back or I should feel like I shouldn’t be as confident as I am, so [they] might’ve had that impression because they nicknamed me by the middle of the season, “Hollywood”.

Breezy: Yeah, I saw that they nicknamed you “Hollywood”! Were you okay with that?

Tationna B: [Laughs] I thought it was funny, everybody has their own nicknames. I used to tell them, “why y’all always call me ‘Hollywood’, call me ‘Miss Bronx’”. You know, something like that. Don’t call me “Hollywood”. But I guess there are worst things to be labeled so I guess I was cool with it.
Ok y'all, I know that was a long one... but we've only hit the tip of the glacier! Later installments will include info about Tationna dealing with a certain male housemate, her secret crush as well as their actual internship experiences. I will definitely give you a heads up as to when those will air but until then, to get more info on "Hollywood", check out her page at Let me know what you all think of the interview so far!

-- Breezy


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