Br eezy Responds to "Freaky Gurl" Comments; Goes to "Bed" With J. Holiday


Good morning, bytches!!!

Based on most of those comments from yesterday's Gucci Mane video... I ruffled some feathers, didn't I? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Obviously some of you don't read the blog thoroughly! I DISTINCTLY said that I WAS NOT trying to HATE on the South, I was trying to UNDERSTAND what's going on down there. Maybe the "crunk juice" comment misconstrued my intent. But it was no reason to question my credibility or hate on my "Breezy" alias, as so many of you did... but, like my nature, I'm as cool as a summer's breeze, so it ain't nothing.

Second of all, I did NOT call Gwen Stefani a rapper, nor did I say she was hip-hop... the point of me including her new joint in yesterday's blog was because I PREFER LISTENING TO HER OVER GUCCI MANE, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Like y'all wasn't rapping this sh*t is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! when "Hollaback Girl" came out. STOP TRIPPING. At least she works with respectable entertainers such as Dr. Dre, Eve, Swizz, hell, even Slim Thug got on the "Luxurious" remix! STOP TRIPPING.

But I did, however, enjoy reading this EXTREMELY SEXIST comment from a reader:

You're a broad. Your opinion doesn't count. And on top of that you listen to Gwen Stefani. You lost any hope for credibility when you said that. Women should just not allowed to be able to speak on some things.

We've come along way, baby. I won't shout out your identity, or anything like that but you know who you are-- go repeat that sh!t to your mother and see if she don't smack the taste out of your mouth.

But enough of that. The clouds have cleared, it's a new day.
Well, let's call it a night-- 'cuz I'm ready for "Bed".

Damn, I love this song. One of the best songs of the year-- period.

I know this video's not that new, and the song's even older-- like early Summer old-- but when I first heard it, I told myself I was throwing this video on here, no matter how long it takes me to find the video. So, enjoy it as a lil' late treat...

This song isn't sexy, it's sensual-- and that's what makes it so hot. It reminds me of being laid out on 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets wearing a red silk slip after a nice, warm, bubble bath, with my "man" massaging the backs of my knees. Mmmm. Men, it's definitely time to step that game up-- for the right woman, of course.

As far as the video goes, I can feel and respect the fact that he kept it clean, especially since we got treated to some cool visuals (the sunset, that fly-as-hell Cadillac, that well-designed sun tattoo on that well-formed bicep, the endearing forehead kiss at the end of the video) but if I were the director, I would've filmed the entire thing from an "under the sheets" point of view. I wouldn't have necessarily shown them kissing or screwing, but I would've filmed lots of skin. One part I would especially loved to have captured is J. Holiday acting out the part in the song where he talks about placing his head on the girl's neck and inhaling her scent-- too sexy to describe. Have you ever had that done to you? Ohh man.

As a bonus, I'm including an interview that my friend Aktain with J. Holiday. Check it out and learn a little more about him. Let me know what you think, and feel free to indulge in any stories about how this song helped you bag that shorty or that dude you were trying to get at.

-- Breezy


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