VMA's @ TRL... The Wrap-Up!


Alright. I'm looking at Asian chicks on the stage right now, decorated in glitter and with painted stars on their face. They're tuning their violins, but I hear a sample of "Stronger" starting up. So you know what this means!!

I'ma keep it 100 with y'all, fam... I'm torn between being a member of the press AND a fan right now. It's hard keeping your composure.. it was REALLY hard when Chris Brown and Timbo came on stage.. I've been a fan of Timbaland for YEARS. But I kept it cool. I kept my panties on.

But its REALLY hard... especially wheh Timbaland is DEAD IN FRONT OF ME, filming a introducing Kanye's video.
AND Y'ALL.. I MET TIMBALAND!! I got to introduce myself and tell him how big of a fanI am. He was nice, shook my hand. SO, now, I'm making a rule: NO HATING ON TIMBALAND ON MY BLOG Y'ALL. SERIOUSLY. I mean, I was so hyped when I met him I wanted to say, "Ayo, F*CK SCOTT STORCH", but I didn't want to ruin OUR moment.

I also shook Rihanna's hand-- she was pretty sweet, too.

Kanye's performance was AWESOME. "Stronger" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" sound AWESOME live, as most songs do when they're peformed live. And YES! He wore those damn shades-- DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?
But best of all, he bought Common out with him and they performed "Southside."

I gotta admit, this was pretty tight. I was feelin' it, no doubt.

The show's over now, and the kids are screaming because the casting director chick is giving away stuff. Hey, lady.... what about BREEZY?!

Let me wrap this up-- we're getting ready to go. Hope y'all enjoyed the posts-- I'll check y'all later.

Keep it Breezy!



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