VMA'S @ TRL: Kanye AND Chris Brown AND Timbaland!!


DJ Cipha Sounds is outside with CHRIS BROWN!!!!

Chris Brown was nominated for the Best Choreography category. Now, in my opinion, Chris is NOT that hot of a dancer. Y'all don't know how HEATED I was when BET voted him #8 in their Top 25 Dancers of All Time Countdown.

But, let me stop... I'm at MTV now.

I just spoke to three spectatos sitting in front of me, let's call them Brown Hair Girl, Pink Stripes, and Blue Shirt Man.
I pose the question: "Are you all excited to see Chris Brown?"
Answer: "YES!!" from all
Pink Stripe: "Do you know if Justin Timberlake is going to be here?"
Breezy: "No, I don't" (which is the honest truth).
Breezy: "Who do you think is a better dancer between Chris Brown and JT"?
Blue Shirt Man: "I'm a big JT fan, so.."
Brown Haired Girl: "Chris Brown! He makes his own choreography!"
Pink Stripes: "It's two different styles of hip-hop, so that's an unfair question!"

Fam, what y'all think?

Chris Breezy just came upstairs, making me feel like LaChesta the Female Molesta (ha ha @ my play on words) for wanting to rush the stage and straddle him. He;s wearing some interesting looking surf shirt. Aloha, baby.
So he announces the BIG award category, which is:

Amy Winehouse-- "Rehab"
Beyonce-- "Irreplaceable"
Justin Timberlake-- "What Goes Around"
Kanye West-- "Stronger"
Rihanna-- "Umbrella"
Breezy's Pick: "Rehab" or "Stronger"


Why is this n*gga wearing a leather jacket on this hot @$$ day?! Damn, man, come on! We know your armpits look a hot mess. I can't front though-- I'm feeling his '80's style cuts in his hair. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out.

So now, he's going off on a tangent about how him possibly losing to J Timberlake-- AGAIN-- but he can accept losing this year because "What Goes Around" is such a hot video. I must admit.. it is... but I'm still sticking with my choices. But we all know that 'Ye's kind of a baby.

And he also says that he's not gonna debate 50 due to the fact that their albums debut on the same day. Apparently, he thinks it's going to be all good because on their drop dates, the world will get a whole bunch of good music. Yeah right-- we know you're gonna come up with some sort of clever response, to be filmed with another Japanese anime movie in mind.

Timbaland just left the stage-- kept it simple with a white tee and did a lil cute dance. Timbaland announces he;s gonna be the MAESTRO of the VMA's. I'm WIT IT.
I like 'em thick, Tim--- just like you, if you're reading, baby...

And now, I'm watching ROBIN THICKE on stage chumming it up with Damien. Paula Patton, you're a lucky woman.

I keep trying to post, but then something new happens!! So I'ma hit post now and start a new one. KEEP IT LOCKED!!!


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