Wassup y'all! Ya girl Breezy just sat down in the studios and I'm waiting for this ish to start. Now I've just gotten word that Kanyee West's supposed to perform, as well as Ms. Umbrella-Ella-Ella- Ay-Ay-Ay's supposed to be here as well! I know that I spend a great part of my nights hatin', but I'm actually kind of excited...

So, they're still setting up, and I'm watching MTV VJ Damien Fahey run through some stuff. Not much to report right now, but I'm basically gonna be your inside look @ MTV. Like I said, not much to report--- but the kitchen they had all the press sit in was STACKED!!!

KEEP CHECKING BACK... I'm gonna be interacting with the audience, announcing the nominees for the 2007 Video Music Awards, talking about those gay @$$ shades I'M SURE 'Ye will be wearing... yeaaaaaahhhh baby!!!


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