The Pre-Mexican Awards Party!


I would like to thank you all for a deliciously spiteful 2006!

As we continue to dickslap the industry and its visual representation, I’d also like to take this time to look back a bit. Much like last year, January will play host to our Talkin’ Videos Awards Ceremony. Unlike last year, I’m giving you, the loyal Talkin’ Videos reader, the opportunity to influence the categories, nominees and eventual winners of 2007’s “Mexicans.”

This year YOU are the Academy!

Last year’s awards included, but were not limited to:

Jerry Lee Lewis (Kids’ Choice) Award, Nipsey Russell Award (Worst Hairline), Poser Mobile Award, Huggy Bear Award (Worst Dressed), Steve Harvey Award (Coon of the Year), Best Throwback.

I can’t help but feel like Jim Jones is in for an award shower this year. 5-time nominee Cowboy Troy was a disappointment last season in the overall tally, but I think Jimmy’s stankin ass is really gonna turn some heads (for the right reasons, not just B.O.).

Thanks to for nominating me for and awarding me with a coveted Pulse Report award. I work entirely too god-damned hard to be sharing them bitches though. Ain’t I a good soldier, SOHH? Don’t a nigga deliver like the aging Puerto-Rican mail lady, Mildred?

Email me with any and every nominee and category suggestion you could possibly think of. Just be sure to put “Mexican Awards” or some shit like that in the subject. I get more fan/hate/spam mail than one might believe humanly possible.

See you in 2007 with nothing short of that shit to sling around. Right in your favorite rapster/R&B sanger/dopefiend’s cereal.

Please believe it. Get fucked up. See you next week.


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