More Magazine Love For Beyonce & Ciara, Plus Myko Slim's "Give It To You" Video


Oops she did it again.  Another week, another cover for Beyonce who gives Self readers a glimpse of her toned legs for the front of their June issue. 

Currently in Europe with sister Solange and hubby Jay-Z Bey dispenses her "sexy body" advice to the magazine readers. The video for "Ego" (a size queen anthem if I ever heard one) is set to premiere tomorrow May 21st at noon on I'm hoping it's a juicy one, but I'm pretty sure Mrs. Carter kept it clean.


She might not be #1 on the charts, but Ciara is still serving it up fierce for the cameras. The Princess of Crunk'n'B (does she still hold that title y'all?) covers next week's edition of JET. She looks great.


Judging from this promo shot, it looks like Ciara's plotting out her next single already -- and the winner is "Work" ft. Missy Elliott which was produced by Danja. The two had a big hit together with "Lose Control" and I'm eager to see how well this one does. Of course it's an uptempo dance number so the video should be out of control. Who picked up Fantasy Ride? How do you like it so far? What are your favorite tracks?


SRC/Universal Motown artist Myko Slim just premiered his video for "Give It To You" ft. Yung Joc and it's quite comedic. Watch below:

I gotta know your thoughts. Obviously Myko and his crew were looking to do something creative. Does he get a pass? Or is it just so silly that it's an automatic fail? Talk to me y'all!


This the shit I be talking about....Did CiCi's camp pay Jet to put her ass on the cover??? I mean, magazine sales are lacking like shit these days so I can see that happening.
But God Damn, Not only was Chrisette Michelle's album #1, the joint is a excellent album...
Real Talk, if I'm co-signing an R&B joint to be excellent, then it's really that good..Last R&B album I crowned excellent was "Confessionz" & before that it was R.Kelly's "R" double album & before that it was Lauryn's classic...
But they give the cover of Jet To fucking CiCi..Who really aint doing shit...How in the hell is Chrisette not getting any love...I mean she got the #1 album, but there is not a single song off her album that is on the top 10 charts...
THIS FUCKING AMAZES ME!!!! Fucking Radio..Fucking Labels.. I'm not going to curse the little kids and teens who purchased "Fantasy Ride"....
Where in the hell is Chrisette's management??? Why haven't they demanded more marketing& promotion for the number #1 album of the country during the last 7 days.???
Fucking Amazing, I swear...

Chrisette, I don't give a fuck what nobody say, your album is like that and you deserve more attention & fame & magazine covers..She is the beautiful embodiment of ebony, soulful, rythme & blues all over again..Jill Scott tried to do it, but she is not fine in my opinion...And Erykah Badu just lost her damn mind.... Eventhough her last album was tight as hell as well.

I was surprise Chrisette Michelle's album hit number one on the charts because she didn't receive that much promo. The album is good but I'm not feeling it just like I'm not feeling Ciara's album. Maybe I'll have to listen to Chrisette's album again.

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