Solange Still Kicking Over At Geffen, Plus Now You Can Smell Like Rihanna


After rumors emerged that Geffen has had their fill of Solange Knowles -- dadager Matthew Knowles and Interscope have squashed the gossip by releasing statements very much to the contrary.

"Our joint venture with Music World and Interscope/Geffen/A&M is very much in place with Solange. Her remarkable achievements speak for themselves," Papa Knowles said via statement.

A spokesperson for Interscope also spoke up, adding: "Contrary to rumors floating through the internet over the last few days, Solange remains a part of the Interscope Geffen A&M family."

Must be nice to have your very own family owned record label and well-connected Daddy to keep your career alive no matter how many albums you sell...

Reports of a Solange dropping circulated last week, with word that Geffen/Interscope was having issues with homegirl's camp, in addition to being disappointed that she only sold around 138,000 copies of Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams.

I actually purchased Solo's album, and I thought it was decent, but I haven't honestly given it much burn since it came out. Any Sol-Angel fans out there? What are some of your favorite tracks?


Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna reportedly have signature fragrances on the way. In a deal made public yesterday last week, the three superstar artists will each team up with Iconic Fragrances, LLC on new scents. Kanye and Rihanna's smell-goodies are expected to be released within the next two years, while Hov's scent doesn't have an arrival date yet.

"[We] believe this proactive investment by Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West is an indication to the market place of the underlying value of Parlux," Neil J. Katz, Chief Executive of Parlux, told the Wall Street Journal.

There is also word of a scent with a "well-established female artist" rumored to be Beyonce.

Have any of you invested in celebrity fragrances thus far? I know Diddy's cologne smells pretty good but I steer clear of the celeb scents. Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb is my perfume of choice. Drives the guys crazy. ;)


"Our joint venture with Music World and Interscope/Geffen/A&M is very much in place with Solange. Her remarkable achievements speak for themselves," Papa Knowles said via statement.
If I would of never read that I wouldn't of believe that he said that shit myself..But papa Knowles is a well known coke head...Not saying that that's the reason he talking reckless, cause any manager would say stuff like that to keep their artist relevant..But come on now...Solange aint shit & from the 1 and only song that I have heard from her, it sucks balls....She is lame....She reminds me of Nicole Rithcie..Doing all of these outlandish shit to keep in the public's eye...I gurantee this chick will be prego again in 2 years time..She will eventually come to realize that nobody cares for her or her music and will resort do that for attention again...SHE IS SO FUCKING LAME!!!!
And is it me, or do she look more related to Trina then Beyonce.????LMAO!!!

I'm a Sol-Angel fan. I loved the album. I listen to it everyday since I purchased the CD. My favorite tracks are "Would've been the one" & "I told you so". I think Solange deserves more air play. I could listen to the whole album and possibly skip over one track.

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