Erykah Badu Gets Stalked, Plus Ciara's "Love Sex Magic" Video


Erykah Badu is already famous for turning rappers out, so it's no wonder some crazy fan got a little carried away with her Ms. Badu obsession.

Over the weekend, Badu was late for her SXSW (that's South by Southwest for those of you not aware) appearance because she was busy filling out a police report after cops arrested the crazed fan. Badu twittered about the fan, who kept her posted inside the house:

fatbellybella: Police just apprehended a stalker in front of my house. Stay tuned to details.

Apparently the stalking was pretty severe since the woman had been outside of her house multiple times -- and she had "several misc. items spread out in the grass. Blue shutters, a rabbit, a tucan and a sketch book." Eventually police "pepper sprayed and cuffed" the woman.

I guess that voodoo Badu got works on women too.

Ciara is trying hard to work the same magic to help promote her upcoming Fantasy Ride album. I have to say the new video for "Love Sex Magic" ft. Justin Timberlake is pretty titillating. Watch it below:

Aside from the afro wigs and Justin pulling her neck chain I think it's a great video. She's definitely upping the sex factor with this one. Anybody think she went a touch too far? Personally, I think aside from those two minor details that she looks great.

Fantasy Ride lands in stores and online May 5th.


Idon't know what to think about that video I'm a little turned on / confused.. Basically she looks like a younger janet but at the same time I'm mad she took it that far it was almost like watching a stripper but not quite there

I really like Ciara but what the hell is she doing ? This video is not like her. I mean she went over the edge with sexing up her image. I know she wants to grow up but this is too much. I though she was fine they way she was when she came out. Like the guy said above me it was like watching a stripper almost. Also I'm waiting for "Fantasy Ride" but when she release songs like this. I feel less and less confident about the album. This song and video is just out there.

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