Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Stealing The-Dream and Christina Milian's Shine? Plus Diddy and Cassie Sitting In A Studio!


Wednesday night The-Dream had his album release party at Hiro in NYC and Thursday he hit the opposite coast for a special MySpace Music show at LA's Arena Nightclub that included Dwele and Kanye West as guests, but the top story in the media spotlight is still Rihanna, Chris Brown and domestic abuse.

The Dream and Mili-Blonde have been promoting the hell out of his (mighty fantastic) new album LOVE vs. MONEY with folks like Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Queen Latifah each supporting from their respective coasts (MJB in NYC, Kanye and Queen La in Lalaland). Dream even had rapper Fabolous Twittering from the LA show...

myfabolouslife: @ Dream myspace party in LA.. Did "Rockin that Thang Like".. Kanye came out 4 "Walkin on The Moon"..

But Oprah was pulling our attention elsewhere.

I'm glad that the spotlight is being brought to such an important issue but now that it's been confirmed that Chris and Rihanna will be duetting, I'm really ready to hear some music that addresses the topic.


Fortunately Mya happened to have just the song to fill the void already recorded for her upcoming album. In a recent interview with Honey Magazine R&B songstress Mya talks a little about her "Blackout" track:

"I was inspired by two different incidents involving two of my female friends. I remember being disgusted, angry, outraged, sad, sympathetic, and fearful of what I would've done if I were in their shoes. I'm still pissed from it and even more pissed that they are back with these guys. But those are my girls and I love 'em for life. I just seriously hope there's not a next time."

And on no longer golden couple Chris Brown & Rihanna:

"I honestly didn't believe it when I first heard of the situation. I assumed it was another outrageous, untrue rumor from an illegitimate gossip site...After the incident I had my management contact Rihanna's team about giving her the song. I'm sure it's still a sensitive time for her to address the issue at all. I'm sure some people will think a bunch of nonsense as they always do [about her making this song now]... ...It's about a silent epidemic that affects one in three women in the world. I just happen to be one of the many concerned voices."

Mya's organization The Mya Arts & Tech Foundation also provides counseling for women suffering from domestic violence, rape, abandonment and self esteem. You can hear the track HERE

I actually really really like that one.

Diddy might have tried his best to stay positive about the Chris and Rihanna situation, but he's intent on showing off his woman problem -- namely getting some buzz back on Cassie -- who has her sights set on a comebacksuccessful album.

It really "Must Be Love" if he's ready to throw it in the Bad Boy classic category. Hmmm. What do you think about that?


If Bad Boy classics are your thing I got the remedy for you. As you know this Monday marked the Anniversary of Biggie's passing. Monday I gave y'all the DJ Wonder Notorious B.I.G. mix -- it's free mix Friday and I got another mix chock full of Bad Boy classics for you also in honor of Big. This one from DJ Ohsokool, who always delivers with the sugatreats.

mixed and produced by ohsokool (march 2005)

1. voletta wallace intro
2. canibus interlude
3. james brown - the big payback
4. crooklyn klan- nyc anthem
5. total ft. the notorious b.i.g. - cant you see?
6. jr mafia ft. the notorious b.i.g. - get money
7. the notorious b.i.g. - kick in the door
8. the notorious b.i.g. - i got a story to tell
9. the notorious b.i.g. - deas wrong
10. super cat ft the notorious b.i.g. - dolly my baby (rmx)
11. the notorious b.i.g. - who shot ya?
12. mtume - juicy fruit (edited)
13. the notorious b.i.g. - juicy
14. herb alpert - rise (edited)
15. the notorious b.i.g. - hypnotize
16. 112 ft. the notorious b.i.g. - only you
17. r kelly ft the notorious b.i.g. - be happy
18. the notorious b.i.g. - one more chance (orig + rmx)
19. das efx - breaker 1, 9
20. mary j blige - everyday
21. mary j blige ft the notorious b.i.g. - real love (rmx)
22. the notorious b.i.g. - party & bullshit (dj soul rmx)
23. the notorious b.i.g. & da brat - b side
24. the notorious b.i.g. ft mase - mo money, mo problems
25. tracy lee ft. b.i.g. - keep your hands high
26. the notorious b.i.g. - warning
27. puff daddy ft the lox, lil kim & b.i.g. - the benjamin's
28. the notorious b.i.g. - big poppa
29. jr mafia ft the notorious b.i.g. - players anthem
30. the notorious b.i.g. ft method man - the what
31. r kelly - your body is calling (interlude)
32. the notorious b.i.g. - unbelievable
33. the notorious b.i.g. - 10 crack commandments
34. jay z ft the notorious b.i.g. - brooklyn's finest
35. ohio players - ecstasy
36. 2 pac & big - live performance (OUTRO)

ALL songs re-edited by OH SO KOOL and do NOT appear in their original format.

Download or stream the mix here:

After listening to the mix, feel free to tell me if you think Cassie has a Bad Boy classic on her hands. Talk to me y'all!


I must admit....i kinda like that song!!!! official girl is my ish!! however i wonder if he told her "the door is closing" on her dream like he told Donnie on "making the band" its so sad...hes a mogul and he cant admit she cant sing....and can barely dance!

its like they were trying really hard to focus on the song rather than jumping into each others arms LOL!

last but not least.....Cassie can not be included in anything "Classic" thanks for the mix after hearing him say that bull!! i dont have to listen before commenting......not a Classic!! carl thomas-faith evans...CLASSIC.....B.I.G-Total......CLASSIC....Cassie...not so much

That shit sucks. Wack ass lyrics and puffs weak vocal skills and basic boring beat.

You know hip hop is fucked if puffy still making records.

No talent ass clown
Stick to ripping niggas off
Fuckin them dumb broads
Without a bodyguard your ass is plum soft

Ooh I made a rhyme dont steal my shit puff!!!

Wow!!! Mya still has a management team???? Lmao! Nobody believes Puff no more... Dude always talk reckless.... The words Cassie and Classic will and should never go together...She's better off on her knees puckering up....Even her demeanor shows that she is not sure of herself or staying with Puff.....
And I can't say this enough.....
FUCK OPRAH WINFREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Clo-fresh on alot of things....But Oprah.....why?

Cassie used Ryan Leslie as a stepping stone. A educated good dude to be with Diddy old ass. Everyone knows when it is time for Diddy to settle down Kim will be the last one standing. Kim took Jlo out and you know cassie don't stand a chance. Wonder what is gonna happen when Diddy done. She fucked when she burn a bridge with Ryan.

I like the song without Puff on it. Cassie best shot at a real career was sticking with Ryan. His career is really starting to take off. Everyone knows BadBoy is the grave yard RIP Cassie. She may get some buzz but thats about it.

@ lea...This is why I say Fuck Oprah!!!!
'm mad that the Chriannah case has gotten more attention thent he R.Kelly case.... Real Talk..Even Oprah has opened her big ass mouth about this...And she lives and produces her show in Chicago, which means that she spends the majority of her time there...BUT REMAINED TOTALLY SILENT ON THE R.KELLY MATTER....
Fuck Oprah Winfrey yo...So you mean to tell me that domestic violence is much worst then a grown fucking man getting it in with someones teenage daughter???? I'm sorry but for America to have a field day with the Chriannah story but sort of remained tight lipped about the R.Kelly thing is absurd....
Case in Point: During his whole ordeal, no one was streaming foul play on R.Kelly and wanting to band his music and not nominate him for any awards.... But everybody watched "Trapped in the Closet" which ultimately supported Kelly and put more $$ into his pocket to help pay for his legel team.....

You feel me now???

The song is something you heard a thousand times. I'm not a cassie fan. I think she does sound a lot better with ryan. Sort of like aaliyah was with timberland. If she wants a career escape badboy and stop fucking for tracks.

I think I perfer ryan formula better.I love the song minus Puff. He ruined the song. Puff is annoying sounding like a girl. Good luck! You guys take it easy on Cassie.

I don't want to hear about the Dream and his jump-off anymore. I don't know what your obsession is with The Dream or those two but I wish it would stop. Oprah makes me sick blowing this whole CB and Rihanna thing out of proportion like everyone else in the media. Mya needs to sit down, her time has pass. P.Diddy is a bastard and no longer has his magic touch. It's Over

Side Note: How the fuck can Mya afford management if she can't even keep her tight????..I done seen chicks in the hood who keep they hair game tighter then that.

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