King of Pop Hits The Auction Block, Memorabilia Up For Grabs


Say it ain't so! Michael Jacksons pockets are so hurt he's selling some 2,000 belongings in a Beverly HIlls Auction.

You know how the UK's Daily Mail likes to blow up Mike's spot. The British paper is adding fuel to rumors that Jackson is nearly bankrupt, shining a spotlight on an upcoming auction of Mike's stuff that will be conducted in Beverly Hills by Julien's Auctions from April 22-April 25.The collector's item belongings range from socks (starting at $781!!! ) to the Neverland gates.


I wasn't joking about the socks either. This jacket is expected to get $21,000, while the socks may go for nearly $800 or more.


The gloves are valued at $6,300 apiece.


You can buy the Neverland gates for around 28K. Wouldn't that make a nice addition to the crib? There's also stuff from films like Moonwalker and Edward Scissorhands. And whoever convinced Mike it was time to sell also has a heart, because some of the proceeds will be going to The MusiCares Daily Mail
Damn... Remember the Time for rizzle.

Mike, I hope you really are working on an album, otherwise you're about to make MC Hammer's plunge to brokedom look like small potatoes.

If you could get your hands on any of Michael's items, what would you take? The painting is kinda fly, and $6,000 (approimate selling price) isn't too bad considering it's one of a kind and autographed.


I Heard "NIMROD" Is Gonna
Buy Michael Jacksons' Thongs!!!

I Heard "NIMROD" Is Gonna
Buy Michael Jacksons' Thongs!!!

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