What's The Verdict On The-Dream: Hot Mess Or Huge Success? + Stills From Beyonce's "Diva" Shoot


Last night, not long after determining The-Dream completely sullied Jazmine Sullivan's absolutely brilliant second single "Bust Your Windows," with his remixed version, my homegirl and I sat down to watch "The American Music Awards" and whaddya know but here comes The-Dream introducing Beyonce singing another of his bad creations (just jokes!...sorta) "Single Ladies".


So here's my thought process... The-Dream brought us "Umbrella," "Bed," and "Single Ladies"

But he's also responsible for ruining a basically flawless song (Jazmine's "BYW"). As well as that godawful Electrik Red single "Drink In My Cup"

And continuing the trend of making people forget that singers are actually supposed to have good voices.

Not to mention, while his ex-wife Nivea (not sure the ink is dry) isn't exactly the model of fidelity (*cough* Weezy) homeboy did pretty much publically humiliate her by all that love with "Nikki" business, and no I'm not just talking about the singing. So while I have to admit that I quite enjoyed his Love/Hate CD (once you get past the blatant Prince-jacking), homeboy is yay close to landing on my "R. Kelly Hall of Un-Redeemable R&B Shame" list.

What do you think: A) The-Dream is a totally talentless shmuck B) He should stick to songwriting and producing, or C) He might actually be better than Ne-Yo and T-Pain?

The choice is yours!!!


For those of you who missed the "American Music Awards", it was good to see Bey mix things up a bit. She definitely stepped up her "Single Ladies" performance. I liked the extra element she added by using that funky ramp on the stage. While in Los Angeles this weekend she tackled her third music video for I Am... Sasha Fierce, "Diva" so I'm posting a few stills.



"Diva" was produced by "A Milli" producer Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford. I think the song is pretty hot, we'll see if it takes off the same way "A Milli" did.


I'm not going to lie, he did mess up Jazmin Sullivan's song. However, his album was great and it was extremely creative. I think he has a different style and sound and that someone is either going to love him or hate him. I think it is crazy to say that he's not talented though.

The Dream messed up Jazmine joint! Terrible and he didn't sound good either. He was singing to high and he struggled to hit the notes.

Beyonce is a straight "modifier". What I mean is that she takes classic hot performance from **ahem Janet Jackson/Tina Turner**** and use them as if they were original.

C'mon. Janet used the ramp when she did All Nite Don't Stop at the BET awards I think with the Elephant Man and then Beyonce straight jacked the end of her AMA performance from Black Cat.

Having said that, this was her best performance of the song, eventhough I don' t like the song, the beat is very catchy.

I think that dream is excellent and song writing but I dont think he is the greatest singer or performer......Tpain and neyo are more performers than dream is. I actually seen him opening the jayz mary concert but he is ok.......im not his biggest fan but i think he has the songwriting on his songs so even if u dont like his voice, the song is still ok........better than tpain or neyo i cant agree.....

I'll go wit: D) He should stick to songwriting and producing, but still put out an album every now and then just to show off his versatility.

Let's face it, the guy can make a commercial joint like it's nothing so songwriting money is a breeze to make, but I think he should still keep releasing albums because (1) it will keep his name out there for other artists to consider when in need of a hot joint for their album & (2) he's gained a lot of fans off of his first album so he might be able to sell a lot better on his sophomore cut.

The Dream's album was actually great but he could've dropped a few of those mediocre joints "ditch that, livin a lie"

Well on one hand hes a good writer and hes good when hes doing his own songs but i have to agree with you that he should never try to do anyone elses song

as for the shot you took at R. Kelly...Dont even put Dream and R. Kelly in the same category when youre comparing them as artists. Dissin Kelly cause of 2 or 3 songs u didnt like is dumb after you look at is extensive category of songs hes done, and the ones hes written for others.

The Dream's CD was dope as hell!!! I love the whole thing which is a rarity in these times. I look forward to more of his joints.

The Dream need to stick to Writing and that's it....When I hear the song he did with LL Cool Lame, I was like "Oh Hell Naw"!!! Did anyone else beside me think that that was the most awful song of the year. I mean The Dream is relentless and redundantly screaming "I'm Your Baby" on the chorus that don't even sound good not to mention LL's recycled lyrics that was a part of his the track on the "Violators 2.0" cd. The Dream is a terric song writher and that's it.

LMAO @ Beyonce using a ramp means she was copying Janet. Ramps are exclusive to Janet now?

I like the Dream. At first his voice annoyed me but then I heard his album and I became a fan. On top of that I like most of the songs he has produced/wrote with the exception of that Electrik Red foolishness.

Just cuz a song is catchy it doesnt mean it's good. He can write catchy songs that sound a bit better when others sing them.

I say He is mostly B with some dashings of A.

I liked the album, but I like this upcoming artist better. myspace.com/whuzi

i'm suprised he ain't big yet.

SO I got 3 choices only on the dream?
you are to emotional and make a lot of assumptions based on that. at the end of the day the dream still doing his thing and you are...well
writing this bullshit blog..........hit back if your up for a good conversation not propaganda

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