Solange T.O.N.Y. Video, Michael Jackson Hits The Stand, Janet Goes to Japan and December Due Date for Usher and Tameka


It seems like forever since I posted the photos from Solange's "T.O.N.Y." video shoot so I'm not gonna delay the wait any longer.

Check the video out below:

I think we could have been spared the squatting and singing on the toilet scene Solange, aside from that, really dope video. I think that was her real baby's daddy sitting on the steps too. Nice of him to make a cameo... What do you guys think of Solange's new video?


If you've been paying attention to SOHH headlines you already know Michael Jackson is facing a lawsuit levied by Bahraini Prince Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the second son of the King of Bahrain who says MJ failed to meet the terms of their contract which called for him to record a new album and write an autobiography.

According to Reuters reports Michael Jackson plans to fly to London next week to appear in British court to testify in on the matter.

"He has been cleared by his medical advisers to travel in two days' time," Jackson's lawyer Robert Englehart told the High Court in London.

"Mr. Jackson is intending to travel to this country ... and will be available to give evidence to your lordship." If all goes as planned Michael will be in court Monday afternoon. Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa also claims Jackson owes him $7 million after the prince paid for his legal costs, travel and other expenses.

Jackson spent time in Bahrain as a guest of the royal family following a 2005 trial at the end of which he was acquitted of child molestation charges.

Janet Jackson

MJ's lil sis Janet is planning to get back to touring at the beginning of next year, but this time in Japan. According to Japan Today, Janet Jackson will head to Japan to tour Saitama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka from February 14th to the 22nd. It will be her first time touring in Japan since 2002.

Let's hope she doesn't come down with any more vestibular migraines...


And if you guys still care about Usher and Tameka, he's finally "confirmed" the two are expecting their second child to Access Hollywood last night. Apparently it was only a rumor up until now.

"Definitively. We're actually expecting, if you didn't hear, in December" Usher told Access backstage at his concert at LA's Club Nokia on Wednesday. "One of the best Christmas gifts there is to have!"

Usher would not reveal the sex of the baby, adding, "I ain't telling if it's a boy or a girl. Some things have to remain personal. But I'll give you a clue - it's a baby," he joked.Little Cinco, as they call Usher V was born in November 2007. Tameka, 38, has three children from a previous relationship.

So in two years time this man has gone from bachelor to husband and father of five...


The video is decent...But honestly, name one video that was done in black and white that nobody liked??? It seems as black and white videos are the safest route to take when wanting to put a decent, eye catching video. But Solange is wack. Ashanti sing better then this hoe. If Solange's sister wasnt the most popular chick in the music industry, would her music even see the light of day.??? I doubt it...I can name bout 5 female artist that will blow this chick away, but they get no props......If Ashanti can't bounce back, and honestly her last single "Way that I love You" was better then an average song, then in my opinion it will be literally impossible for Solange to sit a top, middle, or even at the bottom of Billboard. It will take Mr. Knowles himself to pay off radio stations to keep her music on constant rotation. And Solange is looking better these days... And it just me or does she look like a finer version of Trina in the face????

Congrats on wifing a cheatin ho Ursh. Trust me, if you had no money tomorrow and had to work a regular 9-5, she would be gone. And you wonder why your career is in shambles, you should have listened to your mother. All the broads you have got it on with, you picked this stretched out twat to wife, negro u's a fool!

Dont worry, she will be divorcing you and taking the kids soon and you will be paying for it, ask Kenny Anderson, leave them hoes where you left them!!!

@ATL RED...Even though I'm for people falling in love and getting married, I couldn't agree w/ you more bruh....Ursh, use a fool my man..All the chicks you smashed in the past, and you chose to wife this ugly chick. How you go from Chilli to Tomeka??? Aint nuttin wrong w/kids, but she had 3 kids from somebody else. I can't believe that an well known international star, willingly chose to wife up a chick that is damn near 40 and you aint even 30 yet...With 3 kids my nigga, that's what's got me fucked up the most. And come Ursh, this broad is all bout the $$$$...It's hard 4 me to believe that she truly cares for you....I mean she was ya stylist and seen you w/many..many..many chicks knowing damn well you were smashing the majority of them, and she still wanted to get married...The fuck outta here. What chick will still marry a nigga knowing that after you dressed him fresh from head to toe just to go out and bone some groupie chick???? Where chicks do dat at???? It's all bout the $$$ my nigga...This chick has 3 kids an was willing to have 2 more all cause you got $$$..Now you are stuck for 18 more years instead of 17. And your marriage is not going to last.. Your going to eventually get fed up like all superstars do.. All superstar marriages fail, unless you have open marriages like Will $ Jada... Other then will be a wrap...Hopefully sooner then later so your career can rebound.

Ohhhh!!! I forgot about Janet's lame ass. This is the most absurd shit i've heard all year.. This bitch canceled every tour date remaining on her scheduled and gave the lame ass excuse of her being sick...Come to find out that she aint selling no tickets to get a packed house.. Then after tickets were already bought well in advanced, her management did not issue refunds to the people. That is just fucked up in every aspect that you can think... Now her washed up ass is wanting to go to Japan...Wow, now you won't be able to ever book shows in the US again cause of that shit, not like people were dying to see you perform, but damn...I must say the Japanese will pack the house though cause, they aint got shit else to do..They are lucky that they get stars to come over there and perform for them. When will she come to her senses and know that she is irrelevant in the US and has been washed up for the longest time now.. Her last certified hit was with Busta Rhymes and that was on his album. Before that her last bonified, worth listening too album, was "Velvet Rope" and that was more then a decade ago. Yeah, it's a rap Janet...And the relationship with JD is soon to follow being that it was only a business relationship in the first place on your part...He just wanted to smash you off..... The only thing positive that I can say about her is that she is finer then ever....

this comment is for this motha fucka named Clo-Fresh, get a fucking life> your are the most negative person on this blog site, and the fact that you sat down and wrote a full paragraph or more about people who worked there asses off just shows that you are a very pathetic person. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!

this comment is for this motha fucka named Clo-Fresh, get a fucking life> your are the most negative person on this blog site, and the fact that you sat down and wrote a full paragraph or more about people who worked there asses off just shows that you are a very pathetic person. GET A FUCKING LIFE and back off Janet!!!!!

umm..really CLO?! is it REALLY necessary to call her a hoe?! ESPECIALLY when you dont know her? igg niggas.

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