Ne-Yo Premiere's "Mad" Video on AOL, Beyonce Tells Tyra to Back Off Hov, Plus Video from "Diva" Shoot

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Ne-Yo premiered his new video "Mad" on AOL's Boombox today... it's another black and white joint.

Check it out below:

< Looks like he recruited Farnsworth Bentley's girl Faune Chambers to play his love interest... Hmmm, I'll be nice today and not say what I was going to say.

What do you guys think about all these videos with folks dying? Alicia Keys killed Common off for the sake of "Like You'll Never See Me Again" and now this? Come on, there has to be some other way to make a video about feuding couples without having the men die before the four minutes are up. Maybe it's just me, but after Tupac died AFTER killing himself off in a video I just hate to see the scenario onscreen. That's just me though. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. What do you think?


I showed you stills from the set of Beyonce's "Diva" video yesterday but apparently some on the set footage has slipped out.

Looks like a pricy video. Wonder how much an explosion like that one costs?

The "Tyra" episode with Bey airs tomorrow but the internet has already been enjoying some early footage which features Tyra giving the singer a "surprise wedding gift".

Tyra's stupid... A Jay-Z Boy Chair! I love it how Bey said "Don't get too close to my man now" though. Looks like it should be fun.


Beyonce also made it out to the Los Angeles premiere of "Cadillac Records" last night. She plays Etta James, who also made it out for the event.


1 Comment

GOOD LOOK for Ne-Yo he know he wish it was Fansworth Bentley instead of that girl.....NEXT

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