Jamie Foxx Ain't Playin Around, Ciara Keeps Making Hits + Res is All Grown Up


The album cover for Jamie Foxx's next project Intuition just hit the net. What do you think?

When my college writing teacher didn't want to come right out and call something cliche she'd tell us, "That's very familiar," and that's all I'll say about that if you get my drift.

I know I probably seemed less than enthused when I first told you guys about Jamie's upcoming album, but now that the December 16th release date is drawing near and we're hearing more material I'm starting to feel it more. Much like his last project Unpredictable, when he teamed up with Ludacris ("Unpredictable") and Kanye West ("Gold Digger") Jamie is collaborating with hip-hop's biggest stars.

Check him out in the studio with T.I.:

Funny enough, considering we were just talking about him yesterday, this joint was written and produced by The-Dream and his partner Tricky Stewart.

T.I. isn't the only rapper showing Jamie love though. Weezy had to get in on the venture as well for what looks to be Jamie's second single "Number One (Get Dumb)" which was produced by one of hip-hop's most beloved -- Just Blaze.

It's catchy as hell, as is the T.I. joint. I foresee Jamie's two singles battling it out on the charts just like Beyonce's, T.I.'s, T-Pain's, Wayne's, Keyshia Cole's and errybody else. These artists are greedy these days. One Top 40 hit is no longer enough...


Well there is still no new date for Ciara's Fantasy Ride release on her official site, and Gyant has been reporting that the album is being comletely revamped but a new joint called "The Fit of Love" has been circulating the net and it's said to be part of the new project. Check it out below:

I like this one a lot actually. I wasn't crazy about "Go Girl" but this is more my speed. I love Ciara's music and can't wait to see her come back out. I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs this weekend and there were four from her - "Can't Leave Him Alone," "Promise," "So What" and "That's Right." Kind of impressive because I like a wide range of music and there were not a lot of artists with that many songs on the list. For my Ciara fans out there, what are your favorite Cici joints?


If you're like me, you've been wondering what happened to Res, who more or less disappeared after dropping a brilliant album called How I Do back in 2001. I've been hearing a lot about her collaborating with Talib Kweli, and lo and behold a video has finally emerged for their group, Idle Warship, which also includes vocalist Graph Nobel. Check it out below.

"Black Snake Moan"

I always loved the husky/raspy quality of her voice, but I'm not sure this is doing it justice. I'd be lying if I said this was a good look. Hopefully they can step it up for the next drop.


My Ciara playlist has

Get Up (House Mix)
Bang It Up

I don't like the new Ciara joint.

The two Jamie Foxx joints are tight.

I just wanna congratulate sohh and gyant scoop on how y'all handle Shawty Lo And T.I situation.That was a smart move to ban the news because it could've escalated from there.You don't really know what goes through a man's mind when he's been put that way, He go on and defend his manly pride.We talking about ,ain't no joke niggaz,thanks y'all to keep it safe.

@THACARTER78 i agree the jamie fox, t.i. record is tight, but nigga u know tha lil weezy callabo is wack as fuck, but i know ur a die hard weezy fan with that name u have LOL. i quit listening to wayne after manny fresh left cashmoney after THA CARTER 1. then this nigga started sounding like a new york/T-pain rapper LMFAO.

Love all of Ciara's songs, been a fan since Goodies, and i have both albums. she has too many greats, but to narrow it down to the ones that will NEVER get old to me are:
"The Title"
"I'm Just Me"
"Bang It Up"
"I Proceed"
"And I"

my ciara playlist is um she has SO MANY

thats right
i proceed

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