Is Janet Finished? + Ne-Yo Acts A Fool & Beyonce Album Clips


While six of the "Rock Witchu Tour" dates she postponed have yet to be rescheduled, Janet Jackson's first tour in seven years might just be a wrap.  The singer hit Madison Square Garden on Saturday (11/1) for the last show she has announced thus far. 

My boy Kevin from TheUrbanDaily was in the house and he pronounced Miss Jackson's concert as "THE LAZIEST PERFORMANCE EVER". If you don't believe him, feel free to check out some show clips he sent over:

It's been a rough year for Janet. I really hope she's able to parlay her entertainment career into something equally lucrative but far less demanding because she's been sick off and on all year and clearly this business isn't working out for her anymore. Loves ya Janet!


Your boy Ne-Yo is still doing that acting thang. He appeared on MAD TV recently and World Star Hip-Hop posted the appearance ... Dude is actually hilarious as hell. Watch below:

That has to be the most believable display of heterosexual attraction I've EVER seen from him. EVER. Maybe the wig and facial hair make him look more straight? Not sure. Snaps for the kid though. Great performance. Bravo!


Last but not least, snippets from Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce album have hit the net. Listen below.(Photo via Gotham Magazine )

All I will say is YAWN. Wake me up when she has some new tricks please.


How was that janet's laziest performance ever? she was SINGING and dancing for 2 and a half hours. It really pisses me off to hear people say this is same old same old. any janet fan noticed her moving away from a whimsical melody, complete costume changes, the ad-libbing, performance of songs we thought we'd never see again and some we've never seen, and new choreography.
janet had a great show. i really hope its not over but if it is i would be satisfied.


How can you truely judge the songs on a video that pieced them all together. You need to hear the song seperately to feel them. They are far from a "yawn". Halo, Disappear, Smash Into You, Ave Maria, Sweet Dreams, and Diva are all hot if you hear them by themselves. People say they want substance from Beyonce but when she gives it to you its a "yawn". This chick just cant win with some people...

Not only does my girl Jackson look lazy, and a bit bloated, but if I didn't know any better I would swear she was lip synching. I love Janet so much, but she overstepped her bounderies. But I still love her!

das bullshit...janet puts out dat hot shit, and she gettin a bad rep from all da old ass backlash. her show is da best from any bitch in da game rite now hands down. it was not boring...take yo ass to da show and see it in person b4 u talk shit about her!

I'm pretty sure Kevin suggests that it may be Janet's "last performance ever,"at the Garden, not laziest. Unless that's published elsewhere. Which reminds me, he needs to bring his ass back to Soulbounce, as this blog is growing increasingly irrelevant.

it DEFINITELY said last performance ever, not laziest. Why do people hate on Janet that hard? It's really like people just want to see cats fall. I know I stan for Janet, but to call that performance lazy is absolutely amazing. If you were there, without the courtesy of blurred and choppy sounding YouTube, you'd see that she was really workin' it. She went as hard as you could count on for someone who just got back from being hospitalized. Plus, not that people are expected to know this, but often the star of the show has different choreography for the star so they stand out. What may have seemed lazy to you was just what you wanted to read. Please read.

Anybody who thinks Janet is the shit is correct... She's a shitty mess!!

I cosign that this blog is losing relevance... I used to look forward to the posts here, now I read the headlines and move on.

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