Beyonce & Rihanna AMA Performance Vids, + Which R&B Star Rocked the Worst AMA Accessories???


I promised you AMA Performance Videos, but I actually thought the fashion at the show was much more conversation worthy than the performances. Let's face it, those Jonas Brothers CANNOT sing, and if Kanye and Rihanna can is still up for debate.

Here are Beyonce and Rihanna's performances...

Kanye has been particularly generous with the compliments these days -- in addition to "giving" his AMA to Lil' Wayne, homeboy posted Bey's "Single Ladies" performance on his blog today with the title HISTORICAL!!! What do you guys think? Will we be watching this one in twenty years the way we did for Michael Jackson? Remember when Paula Abdul used to open EVERY awards show? Does anyone even search for those on YouTube I wonder???

And Rihanna continued her neverending quest to be the biggest badass (I think Pussycat Dolls outdid her in that category btw) by climbing up on a tall landing wearing an eyepatch.

Since we're talking about eyepatches anyway, I noticed that our stars hit an all time low last night with their accessory game. Everyone seemed to be trying so hard to outdo each other they failed to notice that ish did not even go with the outfit, and they should have followed the #1 rule of fashion -- remove one lame accessory before you walk out the door. I figured we should give out an award for the BIGGEST ACCESSORY LOSER for the night.



Rih"ARGH"anna the Eyepatch-wearing Dominatrix


Kanye "Put a Foxtail on It" West (No comment on the haircut or shades because it really is all a hot mess now isn't it?)


Beyonce "Rock-A-Robo-Ring" Knowles


 Alicia "Gwen Stefani Let Me Into Her Bindi Bag and I Added These Non Matching Earrings" Keys

And the Winner Loser Is????? You tell me!


Kayne the gayness kings is the winner/loser to me!

rihanna non singing ass looked way more ridiculous with the patch

Award goes to Kanye all day.. His outfit looks like the 2008 Thriller outfit tribute....Bey did kill it.. But not surprised, she kills every performance that she does. I'm just wondering how is she going to outdue this on the VMA's and next year BET awards. Cause the AMA's aint shit when it comes to the black media. Hell I didn't even know the AMA's even was coming on...Do black people really be checking for the AMA's like dat..I mean honestly??????

Alicia "Gwen Stefani Let Me Into Her Bindi Bag and I Added These Non Matching Earrings" Keys

And the Winner Loser Is????? You tell me!



Kanye gets it for that foxtail. I remember my older brother use to rock one of those in the 80s.

Oh and uhhhh.....Beyonce has truly deserves the "CERTIFIED BITCH" award for not reaching out to Jennifer Hudson when her mom, brother & nephew passed away. I mean, how in the fuck could you not do that???? I mean you don't have to like the girl to give her your condolences. The bitch had the nerve to say, that and I quote...."No, I haven't reached out to her, but she is in my prayers"!!! First of all, Be real, you have never prayed for the girl once in your life, let alone her the tragedy of her family. And 2nd, if you did, that is something that you all somebody for to tell them that they are in your prayers....How the fuck would she know that she is in your prayers if you never told her???? That's why I hate this bitch so much...It's not her singing or dancing..She is so talented in that department...But as I have said a Milli times before....Beyonce simply does not care for anyone but herself and is so fuckin self-centered, and her interviews are so phony that I can't beleive a word she says...But this shit about not reaching out to J-Hud in a time of tragedy takes the cake...Case in point: I may not like my co-worker or neighbory, but I would damn sure reach out to them and if a death in the family had occured and I know you... Bey, it's not like she lost a cousin or brother-in-law...She lost her fucking family dawg...Her mother, brother & nephew... That really shows a lot about Bey's true character...For that J-Hud will always shine over Bey..Keep ya head up J-Hud....

Rihanna bugs the hell outta me..does she even TRY when she performs?! the only reason why she even won two awards was because its all based on fan votes..which doesnt say alot..because Soulja Boys has fans too...but does that mean he can rap..hell no. Rehab is soo fucking old. and that eye patch?! come on now. bitch better not win any Grammys next year...or im protesting! lol. and im not even hating because i use to be a fan of rihannas..i actually went to one of her concerts a year ago in flordia. shes not very entertaining. proprs and effects cant save a live performance when you cant sing OR act, fyi.

when you cant sing OR *dance

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