Aguilera Does AutoTune??? Fergie Gets An HP Spot + Which R&B Stars Have A Baby On The Way?


With her greatest hits collection Keeps Getting Better: A Decade of Hits set for release n a couple of weeks, Christina Aguilera is already looking towards the future. The singer recently discussed plans for her next studio album, which will largely be produced by Linda Perry, the songwriter/producer who worked with Aguilera on new material and remixes on Keeps Getting Better.

"With my last album, I had music that was very '20s, '30s and '40s, and was very detailed and part of a very specific genre and sound," Aguilera told Billboard. "But with this new album, I wanted to go in a completely opposite direction-a very futuristic, robotic sound and computer-sounding vocals. I'm experimenting with my voice in ways I've never done before, almost like a technical, computer-generated sound, which is different for me because I'm the type of vocalist that just belts. I'm always inspired by new things because I get bored."

Very futuristic? Computer generated? Oh Lawd. Sounds like Xtina may be the latest victim of T-Pain...

I posted the tracklist for Keeps Getting Better last week HERE.

Aguilera describes the new and remixed tracks on the set as "futuristic sounds with beats driven more toward dance music." Adding, "This time around, I'm playing with this superhero element based on the fact that fans have grown up with me since I was 17 and have continually supported my changes throughout the years."

Keeps Getting Better... lands on shelves November 11th while Christina's currently untitled new set is scheduled for release in Summer of '09.


The second most famous Black Eyed Pea just got her own commercial for PC makers HP... Check it out below:

The shoe line I'm with, but the funky lil snippet she calls new music, I'm not so sure about!


R&B Gossip: Which Girl Group Singer Is Currently Knocked Up By An R&B Star ?

Normally I'd leave this kind of thing to Gyant, but since all parties involved are singers I figured I'd do my own dirty work for once. Details are hard to come by at this point so I'm just gonna blind item it.

It seems a certain male R&B star has more than a new album on the way -- the East Coast crooner in question currently has a song in the Top 25 R&B/Hip-Hop Charts, while the brown-skinned beauty carrying his baby has come close to solo success, but keeps going back to the group that put her in the spotlight.

Any guesses?


Its Musiq and Kameelah from 702, da darkskinned one!

i dare you nukkaz to doubt the hand of omnipotence, lmaooo jus felt like typin that, Peace 2 All!

This autotune craze is getting outta hand....

Oh lawd....I thought Christina would be one of the last people to jump on the autotune bandwagon being that she has a bangin voice. I'm scared of what music is becoming....let us pray. LOL

Could of sworn Christina Aguilera was pop ? Maybe I'm mistaken.

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