Solange Plays Mommy Card With People Magazine, Justin Timberlake's Bodyguard Starts A Brawl


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Fox News thinks she's a brat, but plenty of other media outlets are still giving Solange positive play – particularly People magazine – who are featuring Solo and her three-year-old son Juelz in a story about child-appropriate music. Here are Juelz, favorite "Kid-Approved Jams":


1. The Backyardigans Theme Song

2. Solange's single "I Decided" – I'm sure the little boy does sing this but dang, some folks never miss an opportunity to plug their own stuff do they?

3. Crank That (Soulja Boy) – Definitely a fun one – but are the words really all "harmless" as Solange suggests?

4. "Stronger" by Kanye West – not sure why she lists "Stronger" then details a cute anecdote about how Juelz busted out with "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" after getting some Louis Vuitton clothing for Christmas, but damn, it must be nice to get some Louis before you're even fully potty trained…

Now y'all all know that I love me some Solange, but I'm starting to look at her motherhood "experience" the same way I look at Tucker Bounds trying to explain how Sarah Palin being a hockey mom somehow will help her in the White House.  I am not sure which five other music stars were featured in this People Magazine article but I can think of some other moms (Tamia, Brandy, Chante Moore) who could have used the press a lot more than Solange.


In other Knowles news UK tabloid The Mirror reports that Solange, sister Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Chris Brown were among the group of artists, along with Justin Timberlake himself, who were forced to duck flying glass when a melee broke out between JT's bodyguard and friends of an overeager fan.  Apparently the bunch were at the Fashion Rocks after party at New York's Rainbow Bar this past weekend and Justin and crew had to dive for cover and dodge punches after his bodyguard tried to grab a cellphone from a female fan who had sneaked into the VIP area to snap a pic JT.

"It was mayhem," a witness said. "Justin narrowly missed being punched in the face when a fan tried to take a photo of him on her camera, and his minder kicked off, screaming at the girl and snatching the camera off her to delete the pic. A huge commotion broke out with the fan's male pals who tried to protect her. Fists were flying and JT was desperately trying to get out of the way."

Justin's bodyguard was kicked off the premises for his role in the brawl.

Wow. Sounds like a wild night. But was the bodyguard fully in the wrong?  Isn't part of his job to prevent unsavory pictures (drinking, cavorting etc…) from getting out there? Do you think he went too far?

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Yea jt...its cool to hang out with n*ggas and make rmb music but when the sh*t gets n*gga duck for cover like a lil

Booooo Solange. She is only getting press because she is Beyonce's sister. She is always bragging about that son of hers, who cares. I wish she would take her fake ass somewhere and sit down.

Swagg101, thats the most ignorant ish i've ever heard, get "n*gga" like? Tell me something, what exactly is "get n*gga like"?

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