New Release Tuesday, Rihanna Vs. Pussycat Dolls, Help Re-Name Santogold


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Two albums I'm actually excited about are dropping today.  The first is Eric Benét's Love & Life , congrats to him for having the #1 record at urban adult radio with "You're The Only One."  I'm still awaiting my review copy of Love & Life but I promise you'll get my thoughts on the album before the week is up. In the meantime I'm loving his second single "The Hunger."


The other album I'm looking forward to copping is Kardinal Offishall's Not 4 Sale. Technically Kardi is hip-hop, but dammit, soul recognize soul, and he has soul.  If you cop it make sure you listen to "Bad Like We Bad," that's my current anthem, I'm also loving "Numba 1 (Tide is High)" ft. Rihanna. Matter fact, I'mma let you hear it for yourselves. He recorded one version with the Pussycat Dolls and another with Rihanna, I prefer Rihanna's but judge for yourself.

The Pussycat Dolls


So who do you think rocked the Kardi song harder – Rihanna or the Pussycat Dolls?


I am super bummed out to hear that one of my favorite artists – Santogold—may have to change her name due to a lawsuit being levied at her from this wack old guy  Santo Gold, who is also an artist, albeit, not a very good one.  His career has yet to take off so he's hating on Santi's success.  In a 20-page complaint that opens by quoting the hook of Santogold's "Creator" ("The rules I break ... Me I'm a taker"), filed in US Southern District Court of New York against Santogold, Downtown, and Lizard King Records, on behalf of Santo Gold, the suit cites some pretty silly evidence for image appropriation, for example Santogold's backup dancers wear sunglasses and Santo Gold also wore sunglasses. Anyway long story short Santo Gold wants an injunction barring the use of "Santogold" or anything "substantially similar"; compensatory damages (i.e. cash money); profits incurred from use of "the infringing mark" and the recall and destruction of all items already in commerce infringing on the "Santo Gold" mark. Yikes.

For a more detailed explanation of the lawsuit check out this thorough post on

Sounds like Santogold may need a new name soon.  What do you suggest??? I was thinking Santi Gold – since Santogold's real name is Santi White anyway.   In the meantime Santogold just keeps getting bigger – homegirl deejay'd Marc Jacob's fashion show yesterday!!!


HANDS DOWN - Rihanna's version is waaaaay better. Her voice is more alluring and seductive - and dare I say better - than Nicole Scherzinger.

Just picked up the album and i wasn't surprised at how good it is.. After listening to his first single i just knew it was going to set the tone for the whole album.. i give it a 9/10

When you post about Rihanna it reduces your credibility.

Rih- Rih, no doubt... She got the tone right.

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