Fox Strikes Back at Solange, Brandy Grants You Access On BET, Big Tuesday For Donnie Klang and Terrence Howard


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I guess Fox News wasn't too happy about Solange's lack of an apology – here's a follow up broadcast to Solo's snap out session and the Sly Fox anchors are BEYOND mean to "Beyonce's little sister" as they call her.  Watch below:

Damn, that was cold.  If I was dude I'd watch my back, you know them creoles don't play. Mama Tina will put some roots on that ass!


For those of you interested in new releases dropping today, Donnie Klang's new album Just a Rolling Stone and Terrence Howard's Shine Through It both come out today.  If I had to cop one, it'd definitely be another white boy day for me.

Shout out to the homie Janelle at the SOHH offices, I hear she loves her some Donnie. He's on TRL today if you can catch the rerun – I think I already missed it and Terrence Howard will be performing on "The Late Show with David Letterman".

In much more exciting news Brandy will be making her way to BET this week.  B-Rocka is on Access Granted tomorrow unveiling her single "Right Here (Departed)". The show is at 7:30pm ET and Thursday she'll make her way over to the "106 and Park" couch.  I'm digging this "Porcelain Doll" song Soulman sent me last week.


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BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Funny as shit.. I'm glad he gave it to her like that. Even though Sly Fox is just that, I do believe that is what had happened. She is a little brat and known to do extra shit just to get exposure. I hate Foxx with a passion, but don't think it went down the way Solange says.

Yea, Fox was mean, but you know what, they were only defending there co worker, and might I add, she is a BLACK woman. So the race card doesn't apply here before we pull that card. The knowles are known for being divas, and Solange ass didn't even apoligize! She was corrected and just said "oh, okay". She was in the wrong. but hey, I still like Solange. She is different, she just hasn't quite found her niche yet.

lol i have to say first he is gay as shit and second he is funny as hell

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