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Last night Fashion Rocks 2008 aired on CBS and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it – it was a big step up from the MTV debacle known as the VMA's.  The fashion AND the performances were amazing. Here's a quick breakdown on what did it for me.

Despite Lil' Wayne not performing as previously announced (apparently he refused to be searched and was turned away) the show seemed to run so seamlessly they made it look easy. Here are the Top 3 reasons.

3. Fashion Rocks Actually Stood for Something Besides Banal Commercialism and Materialism…

Sure designer fashion is ridiculously overpriced and the average person can't afford haute couture, but at least the industry supports raising awareness and giving back to those in need. This year's show featured the Stand Up 2 Cancer benefit and for weeks preceding the show the hype surrounding the benefit's theme song "Just Stand Up" drew attention to the cause.  Getting over a dozen of the biggest names in pop music on the same stage, singing in harmony is nothing to cough at either.

2Tribute Worthy Legends: Etta James > Britney Spears

Beyoncé paid tribute to Etta James, publicly donning her $5 diamond engagement ring for the performance, drawing attention to a music legend who far too many people don't know, but definitely know now.  And oh yea, the wig, the costume and the singing – not bad at all Bey! Way better than VMA's unofficial tribute to Britney, who got far more than her fair share of camera time, which seemed like the network's way of apologizing for last year's embarrassment.


1. The Fashion

Rihanna and Solange's performance outfits alone made it reason enough to tune in.  VMA's are for the kids while Fashion Rocks was tailor made for adults to enjoy.

I didn't want to be a complete stan, but I figure it's worth mentioning that any show where Beyonce performs three times is wayyyy greater than one where she doesn't perform at all.

I only have one gripe and it's with Mariah – if the lambs are in the house today please tell me what she was wearing and why she sang "That Chick" when there were so many better songs she could have performed?


Okay so one other Beyonce/Solange item for the day. Some website called The Rundown is reporting that Matthew Knowles is "aggressively shopping" a reality show for Solange and that E! is interested.  Here's the hitch though, insiders say Solange is "done taking a back seat to her big sis and is not going to stand for it any longer."

"There is a lot of tension between the two sisters right now and their relationship is suffering," a source said in this week's edition of the National Enquirer.

I don't know if I believe that.  I do think a show about Beyoncé and Solange that showed what opposites they were would be killer though. I know it will never happen now that B is Mrs. Carter.


Last but not least – Erykah Badu's ad campaign for Tom Ford's White Patchouli fragrance has hit magazines.  She looks beautiful!


I need a break from Bee. Just gimme a day of NEWS not concerning Bee.

Yea, a show with Solange would be interesting. I'd tune in.

Badu does look beautiful. And I'm glad tha she was able to ink this deal. She's been out of the spotlight for a while but was still able to close this deal. Congratulations is in order for the simple fact that even today's stars who are semi-releveant in the game have resorted to "Reality Shows" (suck crap). My hat is off to you Ms. Badu and I hope that this fragance line takes off.

Who cares if Solange and Beyonce are different? What's so exciting about that? Solange is looking really desperate right now. Matthew trying to shove her down folks throats makes her look very pathetic.

After seeing Solange last night on Fashion Rock, I'm convinced she had a nose job. Her nose was totally different from what it is in the pic above.

i loved fashion rocks. everyone was great. rihanna killed it and so did fergie with blondie. and black eyed peas were great, didn't even know that song but i like it after hearing them sing it. and justin was also great. i thought mariah looked beautiful and the song was great. it fit with the disco thing they were doing.

Why is Matt Knowles trying to pimp his daughters?


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