Original Soul Man Upset With Soul Men Moviemakers


After the recent deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes it came to light that both men had shared some of their final time onscreen in an upcoming Dimension Films movie called Soul Men, which also stars Samuel Jackson. Since it will be the last that most of us get to see of Hayes and Mac, I'm sure more than a few fans have been looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out next month, but despite not even airing yet - there has already been some controversy over the movie.

"Soul Men" Trailer

According to the NY Daily News Sam & Dave singer Sam Moore is considering taking legal action against the filmmakers behind Soul Men, for borrowing heavily from the true story of himself and Dave Prater, who passed away in 1988.

In Soul Men Jackson and Bernie Mac star as members of former R&B duo the Real Deal who reunite after a bitter separation.


"In the movie, they have a reunion concert," Moore told the Daily News. "Dave and I had a reunion in 1982 after not talking with each other for years... Sam Jackson and Bernie Mac sing 'Hold On, I'm Coming,'" Moore adds. "That's also our song." Sam & Dave "Hold On, I'm Coming"

Moore hasn't seen the movie, but was offended by a $1,000 offer from Bob Weinstein's Dimension Films for a walk-on role.

"A thousand dollars!" Moore said. "Whoa. You know, slavery times have ended." The 72-year-old music vet also takes issue with use of the N-word in the film. "Even when Dave and I were fighting and cursing, we never used that word," he says. "It's an insult to every one of us who fought in the civil rights movement... I don't understand how this can happen," Moore says. "It's not right."

Sam & Dave "Soul Man"

Personally I think Moore has a good point, but based on the trailer Soul Men is a comedy not a bio-pic, and what soul group didn't break up only to reunite later? The music industry is full of those kinds of stories - enough so that a stereotypical film from a white studio has plenty of fodder for a script. I feel for Sam Moore, but I don't think he'll have much luck in court with his argument. I don't think the filmmakers are too worried either.

"Everything in the movie is completely made up," Soul Men producer Dave Friendly contends. "The characters are backup singers, unlike Sam and Dave, who were headliners. [Bob Weinstein's brother] Harvey Weinstein suggested at a party that Sam might be in the movie. But Sam declined the offer. No money was ever discussed. Just because they sing one Sam and Dave song doesn't make it a movie about them. I think it's unfair of [Moore] to criticize a movie he hasn't seen."

Soul Men premieres at the Apollo on Oct. 24. Sam Moore is also scheduled to perform at the Apollo on Monday September 29th as a guest of Japanese artist Akiko Wada.

And just for old times sake I figured I'd throw in one more video of Isaac Hayes.

Isaac Hayes "Soul Man"

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