Screwed Up 1

Written By Gyant

It looks like VH1 is going to have pull it off without him.

Everyone's been making a such a big deal over this year's Hip-Hop Honors on VH1. But it looks like the hype is about to die down a bit.

Confirmed rapper, Lil' Wayne, has just been moved to the status of "unconfirmed" and apparently will not be apart of this year's festivities. The homie, Nigel D. over at Realtalkny just put me on to the news, that just broke minutes ago.

Here's what he's saying:

Previously it was reported Lil' Wayne would be at this year's, "Vh1 Hip Hop Honors," award show but it appears the sporadic MC will no longer being appearing on the show.

First I heard it from a source and then I noticed he is no longer on the VH1 site for the show. With the subtraction of Lil' Wayne, VH1 has added Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones & Juelz Santana.[Source]

I don't know what's up with the disappearance, however with the sudden departure of this year's top selling rapper, I guess adding Busta and them other dudes to the bill is a nice constellation prize.

I was planning on being at the event this year to soak it all in, but now I think I'm good.

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