Screwed Up 4

Written By Gyant

It looks like Hollywood wants no part of placing Kanye West in a motion picture.

Superstar Kanye West has dominated the album charts and has produced some of the most popular records of our lifetime, but it looks like there is no Academy Award in his near future, just yet.

Legendary director, Spike Lee says that he has a script drafted up that could be great for Kanye West and Alicia Keys.

He says, "The film takes place at the same college but 25 years later, but the powers that be didn't want to tell that story. It was gonna have Kanye in it and Alicia Keys."

There's just one problem. The new film, which was reportedly in the beginning process, has apparently been shelved due to lack of funding.

It seems that Hollywood isn't interested in the idea and Spike has had to shelve the project.

Maybe if Kanye wasn't so flamboyant he'd get studio heads to pay more attention. I'm just sayin'.

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