Screwed Up 6

Written By Gyant

While I hear that Ne-Yo's newest album isn't knocking it out the park like his previous projects, the song writing sensation is still not happy that he's not getting his respect. Check out his quote of the day.

"[I've] never seen the cover of Vibe magazine. Never seen the cover of People magazine. Never seen the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And won't. 'Cause these people feel that for whatever reason, because I'm a fully functional adult and not a heroin addict, that I won't sell magazines."

"They [Ne-Y's mgmt] feel that I've created this image for myself, this box for myself. And they want to keep me in this box. And I've told them, 'Maybe if y'all allowed me to show these other sides of me, then [people] would pay more attention to me instead of saying, 'Oh, Ne-Yo. Oh great music, great songwriter -- what's Lil' Wayne doing?'"

I don't think that Ne-Yo's "clean" image is the reason why he hasn't gotten a cover to Rolling Stone, Vibe or People.

Could it be that Ne-Yo just isnt a star? I'm not dissin anybody. I'm just pointing out the obvious.

His theory doesn't really hold much weight, because didn't Shaffer [um that's Ne-Yo's government, in case you were wondering] just get arrested earlier this year for a DUI?

Also, wasn't the Def Jam star involved in a porn scandal a couple of years ago? Y'all remember those photo's that leaked of Ne-Yo getting his balls slurped up by some background dancer.

I don't mean to throw grease on the producing homie, however I gots to keep it real; nobody cares!

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