Screwed Up 5

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West Coast rapper and accomplished actor, Ice Cube is opening up about some of his career choices of the past. Guess which movie he wished that he'd turned down. And the classic film that he let get away.

Hustler magazine caught up with Cube recently for an interview. Here's what he had to say:

Cube reveals that he regrets working on John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars

Cube admitted
which was slammed by critics all-together for its cheap special effects and campy costume design. "I don't like that movie. I'm a big fan of (director) John Carpenter (and) the only reason I did it was because John Carpenter directed it ... But they really didn't have the money to pull the special effects off".

And what about the movie he regrets passing up? The Hughes Brothers'
Menace II Society.

To Cube's dismay, due to the classic 1991 hit
Boyz N The Hood he became labeled in Hollywood as the go-to-guy for street gang movies.

This was a label he didn't like. So when the Hughes Brothers came knocking on Cube's door to play the crazed gang member O-Dawg the following year in Menace II Society, Cube declined.

But that was then, and now looking back at it, Mr. O'Shea Jackson regrets passing up the role.
"I had just done Boyz N The Hood and Trespass (and) I didn't want to get stuck playing just characters from the 'hood ... That's the only one (movie) I said, 'Damn, that's a good movie I wish I had been in.'"

I never watched "Ghost from Mars", but I could only imagine how much better, Menace II Society would've been with Cube in the flick!

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