Justin Timberlake's $2 Million Paycheck, Mary J. Blige Pushes Her CD Back, Plus... SOHH Soulful Top 5


[EDIT: 1:01am EST] Mary J. Blige pushes back her cd til Dec 18th... due to touring in Africa/Japan and what not.... or is everything not, "Just Fine." [/EDIT]


Add Justin Timberlake to the list of peeps cashing big checks out of Dubai!

Timberlake will perform a few shows at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi for a staggering $2 million dollars.

Damn here I am chasing checks all week so I can finally pay Con Ed.

But while you were thinking of something smart to say in the comment section, we were compiling our:


5. Jermaine Dupri - From his hits album - " Money Ain't A Thing"

4. T- Pain - "Church"

3. Timbaland feat One Republic - "Apologize"

2. Chris Brown - "With You"


#1. And for the top spot I want to introduce y'all to a singer/songwriter on MySpace. Her name is


She is Jamaican born Bronx resident who is just 19yo and did a lil something on background for the American Gangta soundtrack and she did a lil something on Taylor Dane's next cd. I mentioned her a couple weeks ago when she opened for Trey Songz at Spotlight Live.

I've been working with her and her managers 'cause I think she got skill. The writing is bananas and she is a beast in the studio to be so young.

One of MANY of her potential hits is "Room Service"

She got some club bangers and some hood shit, but I laid the safe radio friendly joint on y'all first. It doesn't show how she can really blow. And she can. You can check her out on MySpace for all that.


For other aspiring singers/songwriters that are looking to be featured on SOHH and your ish is bonafide... please get at us. (soulman@sohh.com and on myspace... http://myspace.com/ww4p)


Timbalands album is great music.........too bad his cd sales didnt show it....

Listened to that Jayms Madison chic. She's aight but not Beyonce. She's up there with Teedra Moses though. Her vocal range is pretty high but guttural depth is lacking. Sounds a little like Yummi but I like both of thier sounds.

ok, i'm gonna need T-Pain to not be cussin up a storm in a song called "Church"...and then film the video in a church...smh

but i have to admit, the song is really catchy and fun...lawd help me lol

that Chris Brown song is nice

Jayms...i love the name...i wasn't feeling the song at first, but by the time i reached the end, i was into it...she sounds like a quiet little mouse...i would like hear her blow as you say she can SoulMan...i'll be lookin out for her

Now for my Top Five:

5. Emily King - Hold Me
4. Lil Mo - Husband
3. Chris Brown - With You
2. Mario - Do Right...such a powerful song...chills!
1. TANK - CRY..if you've never heard this song...GO DOWNLOAD IT...good grief, that man's voice just does something...

i dont really know any of these singers youre mentioning... i guess i dont have any soul.

Mary is no fool she is just trying to capitalize on holiday sales...it worked for he last cd...750,000

Justin coming out with a mixtape and guess what rapper is on there?

Jayms Madison sounding good....sounds like nivea+mya. she has a future....dont f&cc her sh&t up!...lol

keep us updated

hook up a download 4 it????

Good Morning soul man! kinda early today.

top 5:
5.mary j. blige-just fine
4.trey songz-can't help but wait
3.mario-crying out for me
2.jill scott-hate on me
1.alicia keys-no one remix

JT-It's really hard to say anything bad about him. Only thing I hope is that this success wasn't just a fluke and he can pull it off again. You know that "already hit the height of my career and now it's downhill" illness is going around.

As far as these pushbacks, I'm really starting to come up with some conspiracy theories because it's happening too often.

Jayms-Unfortunately, I could not get into the song. I get what she is saying but I just can't vibe with the way she is saying it. The writing is hot, but I think the concept of this song is a awkward. And I'd really have to hear her sing for real because, as of now, she sounds like a slightly upgraded Cassie.

My top 5:

1. Player's Prayer -Lloyd
2. Who Can I Run To -Xscape
3. Hate That I Love You -Neyo/Rihanna
4. Shawty is tha Shit -Dream
5. Sexy Love -Neyo

That new Trey Songs joint is fiyah right now"cant help but wait"
cop his album, don't sleep on Trey, dude does his thing, he got talent.........

the reason they pushing albums back because the bar is set too damn high...50, Mariah, Mary had some of the highest selling albums their last time around and now anything less than that is considered a failure. For Mary "Just Fine" is nowhere near the sucess of Be Without You thats why she's pushing it back so she can have another single before the album comes out. I havent even heard a new Mariah joint, and 50 Cent though he isnt R&B is the prime example of what happens when expectations are too high. I took him 6 weeks to sell what the Massacre sold in 1 and he's being criticized for it. Look for Justins next album to be pushed back farther than Tyra Banks hairline. And how is that T-Pain video on BET but he's swearing up a storm in a damn Church at that. Idk bout that new chick she's cute but that song sounds like some average Ciara/Ashanti talentless singing ish.

My Top Five
5)-Robin Thicke- I Need Love
4) Jill Scott- Insomnia
3)- Lil Mo- Lucky Her
2)-Raheem DeVaughn-Woman
1)- Bilal- Soul Sista

Ok how in the fuck did Jermaine Dupri make it on the TOP 5 picks, that's whack juice! That Timbaland joint with One Republic is hot...he has taken his producer style to a whole new level. Jayms Madison she aight, she is Cassie part II, but not as fine as Cassie. The song even sounds like a Cassie song, but it has the potential of being a hit.

My Top 5:

1) Kevin Michael - "Vikki Secrets"
2) Little Brother feat. Lil Wayne - "Breakin my Heart"
3) Lil Wayne w/Babyface - "Comfortable"
4) Ashanti - "Hey Baby"
5) N'Dambi - "Daydreamer"

That is good Mary is pushing her cd back, "Just Fine" is horrible and the video is really cheesy! Oh well! My top 5

5. Britney Spears-"Get Naked (I got a plan)- Britney's cd is hot and she expands on her sounds from "In the Zone" definitely feeling it and will cop it next tuesday

4.J.Holiday-"Come Here"- i like the flow of this track!

3.Jill Scott-"Whenever your around"-Jill is the best, no words to describe this woman!

2.Trey Songz-"Store Run", he has some decent tracks but he is a lil' R.Kellyish

1.Chingy ft Amerie-"Fly Like Me" Loving this track Amerie makes this song because chingy sounds like chingy!

That Chris Brown song is HORRIBLE!!!!

I've had the pleasure of hearing Jayms sing live a few times...and I've got to say...She's got it!!! It, being vocals, personality...she's cute and talented. I can't wait for everyone to have a chance to really hear her and the power behind her voice(not so much like Mya, Yummi B. & Cassie). "Room Service" is a cute song, but doesn't give you the fullness of Jayms Madison. Keep an eye out...the girl is fire!

Ohhh...and Mario's "Do Right" song is amazing...love it!

To all of you saying Jayms is another Cassie or Ashanti or Ciara... yall are delirious... Go to her Myspace page and listen to her song "Lovely"... she is a vocal beast... she is like a mix of Brandy and Beyonce vocally and she will shit on hoes when she comes out... period.

@Siren-Nobody said she IS another Cassie or Ashanti. The posted track makes her SOUND like a better version of Cassie. Nobody said she couldn't sing. If she has better tracks, then they should've been posted. First impressions are everything.

yo soulman that "Room Service" song is fire!! where did u guys find that chick? I checked out her myspace and her other songs are hot too...especially "Lovely"..thats where u really get into her vocals! Who is she signed to?

And I didnt say that Lovely was a better song than Room Service... they cant be compared. One is lite pop and one is funky soul. Before anyone responded they should have went to her site and gave a listen. Soulman gave a disclaimer urging you to do so before you make a full assessment. Even on this song... the runs that she does at the end... Cassie nor Ashanti nor Ciara (even though I love her) would never be caught doing. JAYMS IS A BEAST AND THATS THAT. She dont have to belt and growl on every song... its called being versatile and sometimes subtlety is the key. ;)

Jayms Madison is going to surprise a lot of people...from some of the comments I read, I get the sense that some of you dont realize the talent that this little girl has!! First off she writes all her own shit, and then sings the hell out of it! For anyone who doubts Ms. Madison I urge you to check out her myspace. As Keyshia Cole would say...the proof is in the pudding yall!


i kinda wanna hear this james girl but im kinda over myspace and youtube singers but since yall say shes the truth i guess ill go listen...

I've seen Jayms Madison perform and this girl is HOT!!!! You really can't compare her to anyone b/c she has her own style and her own voice. She is going to be the next big thing...sit back and watch!

Okay...I know everyone likes to compare artists [He/She reminds me of...yada yada], but I can't agree with the Cassie or Ashanti references made about Jayms. Maybe that's cuz I've ACTUALLY heard more than one song by the TALENTED Miss Jayms. This 19yr old young woman "IS" a triple threat...vocalist, writer, entertainer. Lemme just say the 19yr old part...ONE'MOGIN!

Many of you are "average Jo's" who know very little about MUSIC [sorry but I'm just gone put the shyt out there], and it's NOT YOUR fault you tend to flock to what "MAINSTREAM" America, MTV, BET, and/or Radio TELLS you is hot. So when Jayms is in the Top 5 on the Billboard charts THAT's when you'll get it. Cool...no problem.
Do me one favor in the meantime though, "Take a walk in her 19YR OLD shoes & let us hear what you come up with"
One thing I know for sure is: "I doubt you'd wanna read all the negativity like I'm reading bout Miss Jayms."
Tsk-Tsk...crabs in a barrel...dayum shame.

I just got finished listening to "Lovely" by Jayms Madison!! Yo her voice and her runs are the ISH! WOW! I hope she gets to blow up in this crazy industry.

Man, it's some lazy donkeys around here. If some of you would bothered to click on this Jayms' girl's myspace page, you'd see that she's not just about singing like the two C's or Mya or whoever. And must we compare every girl to Rih-once?

Soulman, It's a good look throwing a flashing light or two at up-and-comers who actually have real ish, and not tracks that took only 5 minutes with a casio they got for christmas...

Actually, being compared to an artist (whether it be for good or bad) is still better than people saying "Oh she doesn't sound like anybody out right now." Why? Because people need that "reference" if an artist is unknown to know if they want to check it out or not. If somebody says "She sounds like Cassie" then all the Cassie fans will run out to her Myspace or buy the album or whatever. All the Cassie haters will listen so they can laugh and then might find out that they like it.

And if people say she sounds like Cassie, what's wrong with that? Cassie did sell a lot of records and is working on album two and seems to have a nice little career going. The stans take everything as so negative.

Little Brother "GetBack" the whole damn album!!!
Kevin Micheal- Liquid Lava Love
Alicia Keys- Wreckless Love
Eric Cire- Missing Person Report

Okay who fucking this Cassie reject @ SOHH (trying to give her free promotion) LMAO

Went to Choir with Jayms but I Know Her as Natasha, she's cool peeps though, glad to see her puttin all the rehearsals to use. See You @ the Top

Cassie? Why everyone sayin Cassie? She reminds me of Janet! Did yall see the "Chicken Talk" clip on her myspace? Its crazy how much she resembles her.

Cassie? Janet?


The girl can sing her ass off.

Girl is the ish...its time for all of the talented musicians to start showing up in this watered down industry again.

FINALLY CHRISIS PUTTING SOMETHINGOUT THT MAKES ME WANNAGET HIS ALBUM bu since heard kisskiss and wall to wall i probably wont b getin it...but got carrie underwood's new album...but the back ground sounds like irreplaceable

i went to ms. madison's myspace page and yes homegirl and sing

also go to www.myspace.com/jusrite63 to here these 2 girls still in highschool sing they're hearts out

Madison is cool, I had whatchu gonna do on my myspace for a while

Jayms Girl is HOT!! Her first cut reminds a little of Janet, but then she stood her own ground on, Lovely. This girl can sing circles around Cassie, Ashanti, and Janet!

Good look on this site!

Don't sleep on Bobby Tinsley. His myspace is off the METER! Impeccable writer! His album is gonna bring back musicianship to R&B!

I love lookinf the people they feature on here... you find some really good prospects of singers. Though I'm not going to front if Cassie and Rhianna were merged together and was made into 1 really good singer you would get Jayms Madison!
Fav songs:
1) Lovely- Jayms Madison
2) Destiny- Mayron (I know it's old but it sounds so good)
3) Apologize- One Republic (Timbaland)
4) Fantasy- Money ( Timbaland)
5) Suffocate- J. Holiday
6) Look at Her rmx- One Chance f. Everybody (Don't know why but all them together jsut makes it sound sexier)
7) Wonderwoman- Trey Songz
8) Kryptonite- Mario
9) Heaven Sent & I Remember- Keyshia Cole

*** if you get a chance look up J. Rice, Brandon Hines, Q. Amey, M.I.A. and Esthero... good stuff***

kat deluna would bury that bitch vocally. she is good, she has better vocals than cassie, ciara and ashanit but who doesnt. She doesnt have that deep powerful voice as mariah, beyonce, kat deluna, christina aguillera and mimi reperton

She sounds like Nivea.

Well that "Lovely" track does show what she can do with her voice, but it was overkill for that track. The song sounds just like something that would fit right in on Jill Scott's new cd. She's got skills though...

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