WhatchuKnowBoutMe: Keri Hilson from The Clutch!


Get a feel for Keri Hilson. She is one of the most known unknowns in music and about to step into the spotlight.

If you are just now getting put on, well Keri is now signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group and is slated to release her solo project, In A Perfect World, later this year.

Previously Keri pretty much played her position as a member of writing and production team, The Clutch... writing for peeps like Britney Spears, Xzibit, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Ciara, the Pussycat Dolls, Avant, Ruben Studdard, Diddy, LeToya, Shawn Desman, Kelly Rowland, Nicole Scherzinger and Timbaland.

Keri recognized SOHH's signature green at the Boost Mobile event and showed some love .

of course we made her sing acapella!

Look out for her. She's a talented chick... but I hope that she doesn't become a Cheri Dennis or Teedra Moses or you know... a talented chick who don't get shine cause they've spent some much time behind the scenes generating other folk's heat.

You know what Soulman is saying?


Keri's gotta beautiful voice,and great song writing skills.I first recognized her on tha lloyd banks track "help"....damn she sexy az hell...

Yeah I like her and can't wait til her album comes out...I didn't know that she had wrote alot of my fav songs, especially one song that touched me the most "Take Me As I Am" by Mary J. Blige...if she can write like that for others, I hope she can write some fire for her own album, b/c I will be buying it if so...

She has a beautiful voice. Her album gotta be hot cuz she wrote a lot of hit

She is pretty, she look like her and Teairra Marie could be sisters.


A Georgia judge has ruled to release Genarlow Wilson from prison after he has served 2 years for getting a BJ from a horny little 15 year old when he was 17. I pray he doesn't have to register as a sex offender and will get to go to college as was previously planned.

I love Keri Hilson! I don't think she has the lack of business sense that Cheri Dennis and Teedra Moses have. She's making moves with the right ppl, and that's a good look. I love the song "Happy Juice." Still my anthem before I leave my spot to go party.

I'm a big fan of hers not only because she's sexy and beautiful but she's real talented, she needs to drop her album immediately.


Bird, thats wonderful news right there, that dude got a raw deal, but the slow wheels of justice finally turned. I would hope the media shines light on his saga and release.

TEEDRA MOSES IS THE SHIT! i hate that picture of Keri Hilson, she need a new picture. That miscommunication song with timbaland was straight solid.

elle est trop bonne la bibibiatche

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i dont only like her beauty but the amzing voice it is just so wonderful.

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