Whitney Houston's Famous Crack Receipts, Michael Jackson's Extreme Makeover



"Diane... let's get one thing straight. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Crack is wack!" ~ Whitney Houston

Remember the famous Diane Sawyer interview when Whitney Houston said she'd like to see the receipts for her alleged crack purchases? Well...

The Sun reports that Tina Brown, Bobby's sister, took photos of Whitney's "drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends strewn across the surface tops."

Tina, is herself a self-confessed former addict who once regularly took crack with mum-of-one Whitney.

She is now clean. But she said: “The truth needs to come out. Whitney won’t stay off the drugs. It’s every single day. It’s so ugly. Everyone is so scared she is going to overdose.”

So Whitney...there you go....

(photos appear in the PRINT edition of The Sun)

In other ridiculous news, DJ Whoo Kid is apparently orchestrating Michael Jackson's makeover. According to the Best Week Ever Blog: Whoo Kid told Jackson to "cut his hair, get some million-dollar earrings, get a million-dollar watch and take all them spaceship clothes off." Jackson has taken the advice to heart and is working out and trying to work out a collaboration with Whoo Kid and 50 Cent.

I have a feeling this is only gonna get worst.


Its no secret that WHitney needs help....but I didnt know drug dealers gave reciepts for the sell of goods...This information does need to come out because Whitney has gone overboard, and its all because of Bobby "Crackhead" Brown and his crackhead family...and btw that picture is about 2- 3 years old...Whitney looks alot better than that..but the girl needs help!

Mickey Jackson cannot revive his flagging career in this manner,it's just too unbelievable for him to be seen as some 25 year old thug simply because he is too old and too set in his ways to come back minus his trademark moonwalk.

I have no comment on Whitney.

But imagine Michael Jackson in a G-Unit video. That would be the CRAZIEST shit ever. PERIOD.

Can you picture Tony Yayo doing that dumb shit with his hand in front of his face with Michael Jackson moonwalking in the background?

PIC of Whitney a few months back

She look like an ape who took a bath!

Be on the lookout for that new
"Dorchester Univercity"
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The best rap group in the bean
hands down

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"Whitney won't stay off the drugs. It's every single day."-In other news, the sky is blue.

LMAO @ Chevy G! Hell yeah that sh*t would be hilarious! Yo, Wacko Jacko rocking a ceaser, iced out and talking with a deep voice, dancing with Fiffy and TONY GAYO! Priceless!

LMAO @ Chevy G! Hell yeah that sh*t would be hilarious! Yo, Wacko Jacko rocking a ceaser, iced out and talking with a deep voice, dancing with Fiffy and TONY GAYO! Priceless!

Chevy g. you're crazy as fuck!!!!

That would be some 'other worldly' type shit.

MJ will have then niggaz doin dance routines before long!!!

And poor, poor Whitney.

When will family members stop airin out private business?

Bet $5 the only reason Tina Brown is talkin is cuz Whit done cut her ass off.

'No more CRACK for YOU!!!'

Damn, Whitney looks like Benzinos horse.

Baby Girl gon be alright. She will realize she is only hurtin herself and get back on point. We all wanna see her blow. Not the crack pipe but them sweet sounding vocals.

Check out the legend tees at

I sold her a 1/2 a oz of crack, and I got the reciept to prove it, and is for sale on ebay!!!

Fuck Whitney Houston. She was a bitch b4 she blew up, while she was blowing up and now that she's strung out on dope is just a little thing called Karma.

And your right willyJsimmons. Tina is puttin Whitney on blast cause she either cut her off, or the money that Sun was offering was too much to turn down. Remeber she said she was addict too. That translates to still is.

As for MiJac, Whoo Kid ain't doing nothing but telling Mike the same shit we been wanting to tell him for years. "Get out them clown ass costumes!!". "Look more like a man for a change". But since somebody from G-Unit said it the world will hate.

Tellem again SON!


In a recent interview, America's favorite rapper, 50 Cent dissed 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G.

"I feel like I am better than Biggie and 2Pac. I know how to make songs and I am able to be a voice in the revolution. 2Pac was the voice in the revolution but he didn't have any club bangers like I do. Candy Shop and Disco Inferno got major spins in the club. Big was able to make hit songs but he wasn't a revolutionary. Whatever Puff said, Biggie followed. I'm more of a leader."

Read the entire interview at

whitney's not by herself when it comes to drugs entertainers throughtout horllywood and music history had drug addicts, marvin gaye was a serious crackhead, hell james brown's old ass is still smoking crack smokey robinson, diana ross, eminem, chaka khan, 36 mafia, and the list goes on they all had serious drug issues whitney's gotta wanna help herself look like bobby's whole family smokes crack or has at some point.

as for mj his career is washed up he has a bad erep in the industry what the hell is 50 and whoo kid smoking on ifhey think they can revive mike's career yeah mike's on some serious drugs himself damn near everybody famous gets strung out on drugs life lesson stay the fyuck outta hollywood.

I agree 100% with you, Sherance! Whitney is going to have to help her self!


Goddamn, what's wrong with people? From "IIIIIieeeeIIII will always loooove yoou!"
and selling millions of records to never lettin go of that crack pipe. It's a shame to see how hard people fall the fuck off.

Now come on, everyone should do one thing and thats give MJ the respect he earned as an artist. Sure the last 10years have been hell for hime and the media has had a blast with his world. But on thing is fo-sho there will never be a person like MJ. And if you look at Mj history he has always had rappers on his records from biggie to jay Z. So this one is for Michael get yourself together, write great music and let the fuckin haters eat your shit when you take number 1. On the real you may hate what he looks like but don't disrespect the talent.

Whitney did say "crack is whack" "crack is cheap, I make too much money to smoke crack" that's because she's smoking cocaine. po thang...

what an idiot, Heroin is way betta'

I think Dave Chappell/ Rick James said it best, Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Michael Jackson collaborating with a rapper is nothing new for him, but what the man really needs is a consistent album. Something with the lyrical punch of 'History,' the stylistic awareness of 'Dangerous' and the easy-melodies of 'Thriller' and 'Bad.' You couldn't ask for a taller order, but the most frustrating thing to me about 'Invincible' was that it still had flashes of superior creative fire which could have fanned out into a proper comeback with the right videos and marketing. It certainly had some quality singles that could have done well, but that only emphasizes how uneven the album was.
IMO the next time Jackson wants to do treacly ballads, he should consign them to a separate album released concurrently with a collection of the dancier types of songs that would help sustain his relevance with all ages. JMHO.

Yo whoever posted as B.G. you wrong for that haha. But on the real Whitney needs help we know this. But fuck Tina Brown for trying to put her on full blast like that. If I was Whitney I wouldn't care everybody knows she got a problem anyway. As for MJ not even Shitty can bring you back. Hell he couldn't even help Fony Mayo.

You know Whitney was Eddie Murphy's girlfriend and we all know the 80s was Eddie's crack playground. Look at the crew he used to run with (Rick James). So you know that more than likely that is how she got turned out.

Ain't that about a b**ch two of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s: one is a crack whore and the other is Mrs. Johnny Gill.

when did three 6 mafia have a drug problem?

Tiff that was funny and the sky is blue! I am startiung to think this chick is going to kill herself with this crack! I hope she is not on the second season of being Bobby Brown.
She was ruining the show and blowing Bobby's high! Evertine he was in a goood mood she was acting all bitchy- maybe it was withdrawal or something but on the show she was on constant PMS! she needs some help! Her sister in law is blabbing becasue she probably did get cut off from the smoking budget!

Me and 3 6 always had problems wit drugs. We sip sizzurp, eat X pills, give girls roofies, smoke dope and coke, eat Oxycotins. Nigga you just don't know... Its hard out there for a pimp...

Speaking on Whitney: Damn!

Speaking on MJ: WHOO you KIDding?

If Michael gets on a G-Unit track, I'm never gonna attempt to do the moonwalk pissed again. Fuck that he's the King he don't need no rapper to bring him back.

Whitney looks like Skeletor out of

Wacko needs to quit sucking little boys cocks and get his faggit ass back in the studio. He needs the money!

Whitney is cracked out

Chevy g. you're crazy as fuck!!!!

That would be some 'other worldly' type shit.

MJ will have then niggaz doin dance routines before long!!!

And poor, poor Whitney.

When will family members stop airin out private business?

Bet $5 the only reason Tina Brown is talkin is cuz Whit done cut her ass off.

'No more Coon for YOU!!!'

Nigga same Nigger

Whitney comes down here to the 4th Ward and smokes hard almost every night. All ya gotta do is come down to Boulevard and North Ave you will see here in her Porsche smoked out.

East Atlanta Zone 6

I think Michael Jackson's clown, spaceship, crazy clothes or whatever you want to call them, are fascinating and original, I believe the visual aspect of MJ is unique and should remain eccentric, that's his trademark.
Becoming him into a normal guy would just kill his essence.
I must object that Michael should create a new era of himself, but never become into a normal, or a follower fashion man, let that to Usher, and Timberlake. Lets just accept him the way he is, he is eccentric, that's because he's a genius, and geniuses, don't follow trends, they make their own, unique and different style, mainly because they want to innovate, they DON'T WAN'T to be muppets of the society's rules. MJ is a rebel, he may say to you, "oh yes i have to change my look", but in HIS mind he would do just what HE wants to do.

The GO MOVEMENT.................
J STALIN and The GO BOYZ ........
COMING SOON............!

Whitney looks glamourous! Go Head Diana!!!!

we all know about rick james drug problems yeah he produced eddie muprhy's first album yeah that was drug abuse right there and whitney dated arsenio hall back in the day too just like she dated eddie, eddie was into drag queens back then and still is they say eddie murphy's screwing not only johnny gill but tyler perry, shemar moore, sugar ray leonard, and tevin campbell we all know tevin was raped by 4 guys at a club.

whitney's best friend robin is a dyke and has admitted to having a sexual affair with whitney and robin hates that she married bobby.

hell bobby once said that whitney gets more pussy than he did.

Well I have heard that Michael Jackson is getting so muscular that he's unrecognisable, wich I think it a total lie, How is he going to move, his slight figure was very important in the visual ways of his dances, I hope it is not true, for God sake, they say he has now the size of a house, hahahaha, that's soooo fake.
Why don't they onvent a rumor more believable.

Ain't that about a b**ch two of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s: one is a crack whore and the other is Mrs. Johnny Gill.

Posted by: sincerely at March 29, 2006 04:22 PM

BDFOL!!!! that shit is so funny right there. I almost spit my damn orange juice on my boss. (Even he laughed @ that shit).

that would be some funny shit! Fifty wid a whole crew of has been fags! Mase, mike, and mobb deep! ha!

Dang.. all I have to say is GURLLL SOWWPPP!!

I don't know any drug dealers who give reciepts when they make their sales, I believe Whitney was high on crack when she made that comment.
I can't wait 2 cee Mike's new look, picture that fool rockin' cornrow braids, baggy jeans, and 50 supplying him with steroids 2 get swoll

Oh god if Mike does that, it would be all over the place, Michael Jackson rapper style?????
That would be funny, heheheheheh

Wow some of you blackos, make me laugh, treatin' MJ like if he was a Has been, and you fools dont know that here in the country where i live the only black man we know is MJ, and you from his own rase dont support him, now thats pathetic. Where I live they dont show movies of Denzel Washington because people wont go to see it, because they dont know who he is, and as for 50, well he is hardly known, you fools should back up MJ, he is the only Black Man here that has respect, and is very known. And is like that in most of the other countries. You are throwing a black man yourselves, now come on, dont be stupids.

And before you call me rasict, know that I live in this country but I was born in the USA, I am an africanamerican, is just i cant stand some of you takin' MJ down.

oh. whitney
i feel so bad for her
i might become like her
if i had tried crack
things like that can happen
to anybody
with wroing choices

WHitney responded to Diane Sawyer's dumb ass question, when she said "I have heard that you have sent over 250,000 on buying drugs" and thats when WHitney responded with "show me the reciepts" which any normal person would do, how are u gonna say somebody spent 250 grand on drugs? That makes no sense..I would have said show me the reciept too....

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