According to the map, Seattle is also on the West Coast


Blue Scholars "Loyalty" Music Video from Zia Mohajerjasbi on Vimeo.

The Pacific Northwest is better known for its temperate rain storms and early-'90s ploy to steal shine from Dr. Dre (we see you Nirvana), but it's a major city like any other. Just because Ray Charles moved there to leave the South doesn't mean it's without the hard knock race and class fueled isms that run this country.

Blue Scholars are the epicenter of Seattle hip-hop. Geologic is the emcee while Sabzi is the producer...and they hold true to that hip-hop patented 1:1 combination. No, you won't hear those forever-duplicated synths of the Yay Urea's recent history, nor the trunk-rattling bass that defines So Cal's rush hour freeways, but Geo and Sabzi represent their daily lives in the realest reality possible. They believe their business and when we're talking about rap, that has to mean something.

However, now, it's lowest common denominator time....does Seattle mean the West Coast?

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