Guest Blogger asks "Will the West Bounce Back?"



Part of the problem with music journalism is that most writers don't make music. We can certainly have an opinion on this ish, but there's something else that can only come from an artist. We'll be reaching out to guest bloggers from time-to-time and first up is Damani. Check out his MySpace and then read what he has to say about the West (as well as a new song produced by Salaam Remi, just for y'all).

Download "Feel So Real" by Damani, prod. by Salaam Remi [Removed by Request]

"Impalas, palm trees, good weather, good weed, bad b*tches, and killing two of the most prolific artists of our time all make up the west coast music scene. Are people tired of these same topics? Is it the lyrics, is it the music, is it because Snoop or Dre won't sign any new acts? It's not because of any of those reasons. The real reason is because Damani is the greatest rapper that the world has ever seen and the masses have yet to recognize that (Just kidding...kinda). Anyways...In my opinion, there are a number of reasons. Ever since my beginning of hip-hop it was all about the music, when east coast rap dominated it was the music that dominated, when west coast dominated it was the music, and the south is in dominance right now. Since Dr. Dre put out The Chronic, there hasn't been a new sound to dominate the airwaves. The only thing thats new is a whole host of rappers who dont know whether to keep this L.A. tradition alive or just bounce and snap they way thru V.I.P. with fake chains and a half gangsta entourage and a gang of b*tches i already ran thru. OK enough of the bullsh*t, its out of the spotlight because to be legitimate outside of the west coast the industry looks toward a Dr. Dre cosign and when your not properly cosigned your road to mainstream success from this coast is slim and none. Don't get me wrong Snoop counts in every aspect but Dre is the face of the music coming from here. Will it come back as we once knew it?.....NO! But we WILL BE BACK sooner than later. Bigger and better, respectfully speaking."

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