Exclusive News On American Gangster Remix Record


It all kind of started with Jay-Z and it should hit an all-time high with the man this time around. Surely, 9th Wonder remixed that Nas record for God's Stepson, but once Danger Mouse got his hippie hands on the Black Album and a Beatles catalog, the remix album was never looking back. Big news from a big time West Coast DJ on his American Gangster remix project coming up...

A source inside Black Wall Street/Power 106 DJ Skee's camp confirms that he's working on an American Gangster remix project with Warren Campbell, DJ Reflex, Terrace Martin, EP and a few names that are too big to announce without 100% confirmation. The buzz from this joint should be damn-near visible. We'll be sure to give you more information and probably a few cuts from this record as they become available.

And because, admittedly, this was a slow week for us, two more Friday gems:
* Bishop Lamont's debut single, "Sh*ttin' On Fools," from his upcoming Pope Mobile mixtape
* The LA Weekly currently has a reprint of their 1989 cover story on NWA in celebration of the group's 20th anniversary, check it there and come back all nostalgic here. [Funny side note, the dude who wrote that story in 1989 is now the food critic for the paper]

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