Clarification Pt. 2: Debunking The SOHH/G-Unit/Game Myth...



Since I already took care of clearing up all of this blogola gossip bullshit on Friday, today I’m going to wrap this little series up by addressing another issue that frequently rears its ugly head on the message boards of SOHH.

For the past 8 months that I’ve worked here at SOHH, I’ve noticed that readers are quick to call bloggers- including myself -”G-Unit haters.” There have been hundreds of times that I’ve read a response to a blog or an article where someone makes some accusation that we are all in The Game’s pocket, or that the entire website has some hidden agenda that we are taking to task by trashing 50 Cent and his cohorts in G-Unit.

What makes this all the more amusing is that I’ve read just as many times that all of us here at SOHH are G-Unit supporters, and that we all hate The Game, and have a sworn vendetta against him that plays itself out month by month in the blogs and news pieces featured on this site.

I’m not sure how there’s a somewhat even number of the same accusation made on both sides, but if this were a science experiment, this evidence collected and offered up by our humble field experts (you the readers) would conclude that both of the hypotheses offered up are equally erroneous. But since many of you weren’t able to look at the situation and come to this conclusion on your own, I’ll further break things down for you.

First off, let it be known that I can’t speak for the rest of the staff writers and bloggers who are employed by SOHH. As a matter of fact, I’ve never met a single one of them and up to this point, I’ve had very little interaction with any of them, save for the odd email or brief telephone conversation. (With that said, I wouldn’t have started working for this website if I didn’t believe in its integrity, and that I would be working for a quality media outlet. I’ve long since paid my dues at this point in my writing career, and I don’t have any need to write for anyone that I don’t want to write for.) The bottom line is that I can’t really speak for anyone else on this topic.

But I can speak for myself. For the record, I don’t hate The Game. I do think he’s an above average rapper who is fairly overrated, but all in all I think he’s a good artist who releases good material. And while I do think that a lot of the things he says and does to get publicity are questionable, I don’t know the guy personally and even if I did, hate is a pretty worthless and wasteful emotion in the long run.

The same goes for G-Unit; a lot of them have done some pretty wack shit in their downtime or in the hunt for publicity, but the same could be said for just about every rapper in the industry at this point. As far as their West Coast chapter goes, I think they’ve made some pretty poor choices in recruiting Spider Loc and Hot Rod, but as far as the rest of the roster goes, I’m into at least a few joints by every artist on there, save for Yayo and Banks. And I’m still definitely looking forward to the long-awaited M.O.P. album.

In the end, I’m not huge fans of either camp, but I understand that a lot of you are. I do still post blogs on The Game, and I’ve posted several blogs about both of the G-Unit West dudes as well. But in the long run, it’s up to my discretion if I ever feel like posting something negative or positive about either camp. My job isn’t to be an unbiased, middle-of-the-road journalist with no opinions. I got hired on as a blogger, and part of my job is to post my opinions.

Hopefully this clears everything up for you, and I won’t have to waste any more time addressing this shit in the future.

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