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First off, if anyone's heading to Paid Dues this weekend, holler at me on the SOHH Left Coast myspace page if you're down to write up a review of the festival. You can hit me up at www.myspace.com/sohhleftcoast.

Now I know I told y’all I’d have part two of that Evidence interview up for you today, but it’s been a hectic couple of days, so you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. But his album, The Weatherman LP, does drop today. Make sure you go cop that; it’s worth your $14.99 just on the strength of several of the Alchemist beats on there, but the rest of the album is pretty dope from start to finish.


There are some other West Coast albums that dropped today though, a few of which are worth copping. Hieroglyphics dropped Over Time, which is a collection of B-Sides and remixes, many of which haven’t seen the light of day up until this point. One of the songs on the collection, “The Unseen hand,” was also on the Beats & Lyrics, Vol. 1 compilation (still got that shit on vinyl), and it’s one of the best tracks that Hiero’s ever done.


Sacramento’s First Degree The D.E. dropped Once There Wa Fahrenheit, which features guest spots from B-Legit, Brotha Lynch and Mac Dre.


Thizz Nation Vol. 12 featuring Money Gang (Rydah J. Klyde and Johnny Cash) also dropped. I never really felt any of the music I heard from either of those dudes, but maybe this one’s different. And is it just me, or is there a new Thizz Nation dropping every other week?


And after dropping Da Bidness with Keak and PSD a few weeks ago (and not too long before that, 100 Racks with Yukmouth), Messy Marv is dropping Fillmoe Nation.


Last but not least, although he’s from Detroit, J Dilla was huge out here in the West, and spent a good portion of the last few years of his life doing music for Stones Throw artists, and realeasing albums on the label. Although he previously released Ruff Draft on a German label several years ago, not too many people have had the chance to hear it until now (although “Nothing Like This” definitely made the rounds last year). At this point, there’s not going to be too many more Dilla albums dropping, other than Jay Love Japan (an instrumental E.P.), and possibly, the album he finished for MCA/Geffen (although all of those tracks were produced by other producers.) At any rate, this version of Ruff Draft is being released by Stones Throw, and has a second disc with instrumentals. Go cop that.

And if you didn’t already scoop ‘em up last week, the DJ Muggs and Gza remix album and a new Zion I mixtape came out. Make sure you check those out.

If there are any other dope West Coast albums that you picked up recently and are worth buying, feel free to share.

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