Random S#!t: Snoop, The Fixxers, 40 Glocc and Mistah Fab


Friday. Feels good to say that word, doesn’t it?


Snoop was arrested. Oh wait, apparently he wasn’t. Either way, is Snoop getting busted for drug posession or drug use even news any more? That shit is about as newsworthy as Paris Hilton acting like a skank. And yet... here i am talking about it. It’s a vicious cycle.

Moving on...


40 Glocc just shot the video for a song called “So Hyphy,” and somehow, both the song and the video manage to be even wacker than the title of the song. The video is a bunch of ass wiggling in between shots of Glocc showing off E pills, popping pills, or random broke club bitches popping pills. The video’s on youtube, and if you wanna see it you can go look it up, because I’m not posting that bullshit on here. And as far as the song goes... I dunno, it just sucks. Between 40 Glocc and Spider Loc, G-Unit West is looking pretty fucking hurt, and if Mobb Deep had any credibility left after slowly destroying all of the respect gained from their first 4 albums, they lost it by signing this guy. If Bay Area dudes wanna do the hyphy thing, I got nothing against it; there have at least been a couple cool songs that came out of the whole shit. But this guy’s from Colton, not the Bay, so what the fuck is he really trying to do with this? If Mac Dre (RIP) wasn’t already rolling over in his grave after some of the shit that’s happened in the last year, he certainly is now.


Speaking of hyphy, apparently Mistah Fab is having even more headaches with the video for “Ghostride It.” After MTV made him do upwards of 50 edits on the orginal video he submitted, now Columbia Pictures is threatening legal action because of the Ghostbusters logo (even though it has Mac Dre’s profile, instead of a ghost’s) and the Ghostbusters car, and is demanding that the video be pulled froom TV and the internet. Thank God; if it means that I never have to see it on MTV or BET, I’m all for it. For the record, I do actually like a lot of shit that Fab’s done in the past, but this is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life. But I will say this in his defense: how many artists have ripped off movies in their videos? Why didn’t any production companies go after them?


And lastly, according to an email I got from a publicist at Interscope,Quik (formerly DJ Quik) and AMG (who are now going by The Fixxers) inked a single deal with Interscope. Not really sure what this means, as I’m pretty sure nobody buys singles anymore, but hopefully it leads to an actual album deal. Congrats to Quik and AMG.

I’m out like trout. Everybody have a good weekend...

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