All Star Break Is Over, And Nobody's Dead- Not Even Game Or Buck...



We got a couple of things to touch on today...

First off, the All Star break generated far fewer headlines than I predicted. While I would love to conclude that this means the hoards of hip hop artists who descended on the City of Sin for the weekend conducted themselves in a responsible and mature fashion, I highly doubt that’s the case.

A more realistic conclusion would be that: A) Dudes knew the porkchop patrol would be out in full muthafuckin’ effect this weekend, and therefore they kept a low profile, and B) getting your pockets ran through/ chain snatched/ etc. by local vegas grimys is an embarrassing situation, and one best kept out of the media dailies if possible. I’m pretty sure that dudes came crew-heavy and/or bodyguard-heavy to Vegas to avoid scenario B, but there’s a rumor circulating that at least one rapper did lose his chain this weekend.

The one big story that did seem to emerge from this weekend (besides the false rumor about E-40 being involved in a major car crash) was the reported near-scuffle between The Game and Young Buck at a T.I./Young Jeezy party. For those of you who haven’t already heard the story in one of it’s various forms, Young Buck got up on stage while Jeezy was up there and started making gestures at The Game and his crew, who were seated in the VIP area. Jayceon and company apparently started making their way down to the stage, but were stopped short by security, who apparently escorted Buck and Jeezy outside while restraining Game and his squad. Both artists apparently went the rest of the weekend without incident, but the craziest part of the whole situation is that Game was reportedly looking to diffuse the situation rather than aggravate it. If that’s true, I gotta say I’m proud dude is finally trying to take the high road. But first I’m gonna have to wait another week to see if any new G-Unot diss tracks pop addressing the subject. And for being one of the few people Game has actually given dap to in the last year, this certainly puts Jeezy in an uncomfortable situation.

All in all though, I’m glad to hear everybody made it out of Vegas alive. Who would've guessed that two rappers who hold such a well-publicized grudge against one another (and who both have a penchant for tempermental violent outbreaks in clubs) could be in the same room without taking things to fisticuffs or worse? I guess it just goes to show ya... that's entertainment...

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