WTF??? Kurupt, say it ain't so...



In another not so shocking moment of hip hop hypocrisy (which we should start referring to as hiphopocrisy from here on out)) was announced on Tuesday that Kurupt of The Dogg Pound proposed to his girlfriend Gail Gotti on Christmas day. Isn’t there some oft-spoken rule about how pimps don’t get married?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m married, and I’m all for settling down if you find someone you can spend your life with. But then again, I never wrote this lyric:

“West coast shit nigga
Overdosage - imperial pistols ferocious
Fuck a bitch; don't tease bitch, strip tease bitch
Eat a bowl of these bitch, gobble a dick
Hoes forgot to eat a dick an shut the fuck up
Gobble and swallow a nut up, shut up and get my cash
Backhanded, pimpslapped backwards and left stranded
Just pop ya collar, pimp convention hoes for a dollar
Six-Deuce in a plush, six-deuce impala
Pimpin hoes from Texas to Guatemala
(note: make sure you pronounce it GUALAMALA, like kurupt does)
Bitch niggaz paid for hoes, just to lay wit hoes
Relax one night, and paid to stay wit hoes
Captain Save' Em all day (bitch) well save this dick
Bitch nigga, you more of a bitch than a bitch
You ain't into hittin pussy, or hittin the switch
You into hittin bitches off of the grip, you punk bitch”

Lest I be one who lives in a glass house and throws rocks, I’m gonna have to fess up and point out some hypocrisy of my own- that lyric is probably my favorite lyric of all time to rap along to, a fact that my wife can attest to. At any rate, I’m assuming this marriage business will mean that there’s a good chance that Kurupt will not be including the phrase “fuck a bitch” in 85% of his lyrics, as he has done for the last ten years. Yikes.

Rest in peace, Kurupt the misogynist. Welcome to the world of marriage.

In yet another twist of irony, Kurupt and Gail will be having their engagement party in New York.

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