He's The One Who Said "Just Grab 'Em In The BIscuits"



So besides the letter from Boots Riley, there was another letter that showed up in my email on Friday. Tis’ the season...

This one’s from weird-ass Shock G, aka Humpty Hump; I have absolutely no idea what prompted this letter, but it’s oddly entertaining and has a couple interesting points in it (along with some painfully obvious ones) so I thought I’d reprint it for you all to read. It’s in the exact form in which I recieved it, so any spelling or grammatical errors (such as the ever-so-popular replacement of “you” with “u”) can be credited to Shock, and not to me. Just thought I should throw that out there before the haters get going...

Oh, and if anyone wants to know the fictional back story that was made up for Shock’s Humpty Hump character and why he wore the whole fake nose/glasses ensemble, holler at the SOHH Left myspace page (at www.myspace.com/sohhleftcoast) and I’ll fill you in. I knew reading that Yo! MTV Raps book in junior high would come in handy one day...

So here it is, in all of its... um, glory...

"U Can't Handle the Truth!"
(Shattering the Myths) by shockg


By being happy & enjoying the world you best honor god. Respect
Jesus by honoring the natural stimulants put here by his parents,
..Jah/Allah/God/Mother Nature/The All Mighty, whatever u like to call

If doing Gods natural drugs is a sin, can u imagine the magnitude
of evil it must be to do an advil?
Ha ha ha, can't argue that!


Pac was just touring with us (digital underground) to kill time while
we shopped his demo and helped him finish his album. Money-B's brother
Cullen, our original Humpty-dancer, stayed home to make room for Pac,
so Pac filled in and did the dance. Yes, you could say he did this as
part of his "job" but he did it mostly for fun. Everyone in our
8-person crew wanted to do the dance, it pulled the chicks after the
show each night.
We signed Tupac Shakur to our indy label TNT records as an emcee
and began working on his album in 1989. He began touring with d.u. a
year later, after being bored & frustrated with waiting for us to
return from tour to continue working on his project. And we were
constantly shopping him the entire time, many companies passed before
Interscope finally agreed to distribute him.
His "I was Shocks roadie" comment from "Resurrection" also makes my
blood boil; as if the nigga carried my personal bags. He never did.
Everyone carried their own suitcases. Unloading & loading the stage
equipment was the tour responsibility he speaks of, a "right of
passage" to every d.u. member. We all did it for a tour or 2,
including myself & Money-B on the first tours, and later it was how we
initiated new blood. So did DJ Fuze, Saafir, DJ-JZ, Pee Wee, and every
other d.u. member except the females. (they cleaned the bus & did the
laundry; perhaps chauvinist but true)

To say that Tupac "originally started as a dancer", as many
people & publications often do, not only insults his true title &
essence at that time, (emcee, public activist, & social critic) but it
also insults digital undergrounds awareness & recognition of who he
really was at the time. Worst of all, it promotes that it's uncool to
dance, and that no self respecting revolutionary, "thug", or "gangsta"
would be caught dancing; as if Pac graduated outta dancing into a
stronger male. Nope, sorry, he was already the strong male
revolutionary, with 2Pacalyspe Now recorded, BEFORE he danced with

Therefore, Tupac deserves even more credit for being all of the above
and still remaining humble enough to contribute to d.u. as a dancer &
roadie. It was his choice to do this, not an ultimatum, as his solo
album was already being shopped, and as we were already committed to
his project.

He also can be seen playing congas & doing background vocals onstage
w/d.u. on televised Yo MTV Raps Live, and Showtime at the Apollo
tapings, well after the movie Juice and his solo album was out. This
is documented fact, do the research, and then do the math.



Nope, Easy-Mo Bee produced Temptations, I just happened to be in the

Billboard magazine mistakenly listed I Get Around as produced by DJ
Darryl the whole summer it was on the charts. Just for the record,
here are the songs I produced for Tupac in the order we recorded them:

89 thru 95:
Rebel of the Underground
Revenge of tha Lunatic
Words of Wisdom
Do For Love (acoustic piano + Pac rimin; never officially released)
It Ain't Necessarily So (unreleased)
I Get Around
Still Down (original version, unreleased)
So Many Tears
Fuck the World

after sept 96 remixes:
produced w/Numskull of the Luniz:
Resist the Temptation (unreleased)
Po Nigga Blues
Changes (unreleased)

produced w/Richie Stites & D-Rizzo:
And 2morrow (Havenotz remix, unreleased)


Lenny Kravitz, 50 Cent, David Bowie & Iman, Heidi Klum & Seal, Tiger
Woods parents, my own parents (daddy Shock & momma Humpty), Dennis
Rodman/Carmen Electra, Sean Combs/Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck, Hugh
Grant/Divine Brown, Woopie Goldberg, Ted Dansen, and Madonna aren't
the only people who enjoy inter-racial relationships. A couple of less
known others are:

> Robert Deniro (African American wife & daughter)

> Clint Eastwood (African American wife)

> Tupac Shakur (several European American a.k.a. "white" girlfriends;
before/during/and after digital underground)

The importance of not hiding these truths is that concealing them
perpetuates racial divides. Many fans & other people with
impressionable minds view Clint Eastwood as a traditionally "white"
western hero; Deniro as the tuff New York City Italian purest, and
Tupac as a strict "black" revolutionary; all of whom would never date
beyond their own race, a public image which contributes to negative
stereotypes and further alienates the races.
Promote harmony within the mighty & beautiful HUMAN race, and
forever let the truth be known: people are people.

People often joke about successful African American men "selling
out" or "betraying their race" by enjoying the company of a woman of
European or Asian descent, but seldom do we acknowledge the fact that
interracial experimentation seems to be a pastime of successful people
in general.
Perhaps outstanding accomplishments & financial success grants one
the confidence, the freedom, the privacy, or the courage, to follow
ones heart and explore the world more freely? ..without the usual
trappings & scorn from the many unhappy crabs in a barrel who lack the
courage or resources to follow their own hearts?

Okay, what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but while
we're on the subject, let's review another interesting fact:
If you interview a "black" working girl at any of the brothels &
escort agencies of Nevada, you will find that the majority of their
customers are married "white" male conservatives by day, but chocolate
nookie lovers by night.
Hee hee, and it's the same with all the other "colors" too.
("Hey, I'm married to an apple, but I wanna see what an orange feels

So don't single out Dennis Rodman or Hugh Grant, "playaz gonna play
wit who dey wanna play wit".

Thank you.

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