Roccett's Cali: Where the bangers raise the crime rate



Uh oh, DJ Warrior just hit us up with another Cali Untouchable. Check out Roccett's "All I Know," featuring Akon, and a bit of the background info on it.

The Game Hates Cops



Hard body. That's what Jayceon spits on this "911 Is A Joke (Cop Killa)". A Huey P Newton reference and everything. Listen to the track and then watch his 8-minute diatribe on why he admires Hillary Clinton, or something.

R&B Gangster: Straight Outta Phoenix



It worked for Ghostface (when he flipped Beyonce's summer jam), maybe it'll work for Willy Northpole. And as he's a Phoenix resident, maybe it'll help the Suns come back in that Spurs series.

Recent Yo! MTV Raps Teasers Got Us Thinkin' Tupac


Classic show with legendary performances left and right, up and down. Peep one of our Left Coast legends in a rare and favorite clip of the show after the flip...


Hot Dollar New "I Luv Tha Streetz" Video


Compton's very own Hot Dollar takes his "I Luv Tha Streetz" to a visual gangsta (gangsta) film noir level with this cinematic video. See if you can ride out the whole 7:08 minutes on the flipside...


Crooked I vs. NYC



Sometimes I say "no Crooked I posts this week," and I almost make it, 'cause it's Thursday and I had no need to gush about some four bar metaphor that goes over most of your heads for the first three days of the week. But no one out here, strike that, no one in hip-hop is as prolific and bar-by-bar exciting as Crooked I is right now (at the recorded verse). He takes on New York on the flip...does he win?

Keak da Sneak=Greatest Voice in Rap?



No rapper's voice is comparing to dude's, right now or maybe ever. His raspy is bananas. Who can compete with him? Weezy? Only on his weirder I feel like dying days. Mr. Lif? He's an underground cat out of Boston that you cookie cutters will try and clown me for even mentioning. Watch the video for "That Go", featuring Prodigy and Alchemist and discuss amongst yourselves...

Pacific Division Gives URB the 411



Our fam @ URB Magazine caught up with three nice MCs from the LA area who go by the collective name: Pacific Division. Check out what they have to say about the Left Coast, some interesting influences on their music and how they keep the flow breezy...

New Game Ft. Keisha Cole


The Game pays homage to his heroes on this smooth joint with Keisha Cole, callin' out some of his favorite rappers and sentimental moments in music history. Take a walk down memory lane with "Pain" on the flip...


According to the map, Seattle is also on the West Coast


Blue Scholars "Loyalty" Music Video from Zia Mohajerjasbi on Vimeo.

The Pacific Northwest is better known for its temperate rain storms and early-'90s ploy to steal shine from Dr. Dre (we see you Nirvana), but it's a major city like any other. Just because Ray Charles moved there to leave the South doesn't mean it's without the hard knock race and class fueled isms that run this country.

B-Real Takes On Freestyle 101


We are feelin' the freestyle love these days. That, and we just got home from the Jay-Z concert at the Hollywood Bowl, so we're also feelin' a little beat and a lot hyped on hip-hop. Plus, we rarely get to post about Carmen Electra's ex.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words



Well, color us speechless. This is what Snoop Dogg looked like at Monday night's Country Music Awards (what? you missed it?) Ya'll might not think Snoop would show up at a hoedown (actually, on second thought, maybe he would) but there was, paying homage to the late, great "Man In Black" in more ways than one...

Alicia Keys Ain't Got Nothing On Afeni Shakur



The late great Tupac Shakur was famously quoted as saying that he spent much of his time in the womb as his mother spent time in prison. As if he was born incarcerated. It's a striking metaphor for the black community and the struggles that are inherently thrust upon it through systematic racism and centuries of oppression. I've wondered out loud for years if the CIA was behind the assassination of Tupac Shakur in continued efforts to deny the black community a strong I'm not mad at Alicia Keys. And I doubt Afeni Shakur is, either.

We Ain't MTV But It's a Mixtape Monday



So while I was gone, LA got all sorts of hot. It's officially sweltering in the city of angels and even my inbox is feeling it. Got two dollops of knowledge regarding mixtapes from DJ Warrior, DJ Envy and DJ Skee, plus the accompanying music.