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The Olympics are winding down and on the real, the kid couldn't be happier. Keeping it funky, my mom and my aunts like the Olympics more than I do or ever will. Think I'm the only one?

Written By SOHH Ballsy


SOHH your boy saw Brett Favre up close and personal on Saturday night … and dude did his thing, even though it was a preseason game.

Oh my God … the highlights from this one were serious. There was one play that Wade played the lanes, steals the ball and just chucks it up carelessly to Kobe, who flushes it down with two hands. UGGGH! Seeerious!

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Written By SOHH Ballsy


SOHH Coach  K showed the U.S. Hoops squad a video tape of them Greeks dancing all over the court after their 2006 upset of the Americans.  And then Kobe, LeBron and D. Wade ran those Greeks out of Beijing.