NEWS: Timbaland "Screams" W/ Chris Cornell On New Solo Disc


Written By Cyrus Langhorne


Timbaland is continuing to work outside the hip-hop genre as he has signed on to executive produce fellow Interscope artist and Seatle Rock veteran Chris Cornell’s upcoming album Scream.

According to Billboard, the super producer has joined forces with the former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman to find his more soulful side. Unlike the rocker’s typical guitar-laced records, Timbo’s influence will reportedly give the project a more Gnarls Barkley touch.

Aside from contributing to the beats, Tim will also join Cornell on two of the tracks.

This is not the first time Timbo has worked with rock acts. On his platinum selling disc Timbaland Presents Shock Value he collaborated with Swedish rock group The Hives and he also helped produce several tracks on popular 80’s band Duran Duran’s comeback album, Red Carpet Massacre.

Prior to linking with Cornell, Timbaland told reporters earlier this summer that he would producing hip-hop superstar Jay-Z’s entire forthcoming set, The Blueprint 3. This was later debunked by Jay in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“You know I love Timbaland, he is like a brother to me, but until the music is done it’s premature,” Jay explained to the music mag. “I’m a person that works off music.”

Scream is currently scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, October 14 on Suretone/Interscope Records.


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