NEWS: Joe Budden Speaks On Killing The Game Beef, Addresses Upcoming Collabo

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Written By Danica Dow


Last week, Joe Budden publicly ended his beef with West Coast rapper The Game. Jersey Joe recently broke down the origin of their conflict and revealed how they managed to squash it.

In an interview with VladTV, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden said his rivalry with The Game initially kicked off because of a line he spit on a DJ Clue mixtape track called “Cross Country Connection.”

In the song, which also featured Game and Stack Bundles, Budden rapped, “I should have a real gangsta wack ya/ bang and clap ya, punk aim it at ya/ he should be in the G-Unit vid with all the gangsta actors.”

Though Budden says he had no intention of causing any drama on the track, The Game, who was down with G-Unit at the time, took offense.

“We weren’t the best of friends, me and G-Unit, at the time so I guess yeah, I can see how the line was taken out of context,” said Budden. “And then Game just dissed me. He felt some type of way about what I said and then he sent some shots my way and vice versa… yeah it was beef.”

Since then, Game has parted ways with G-Unit and he recently reached out to Budden to officially end their squabble. “The other day me and him connected. He reached out we had a great great conversation,” said Budden.

The Game invited Budden to come to his show at New York City venue The Fillmore. He even offered him an opportunity to get on the mic. Budden obliged and performed his 2003 hit, “Pump It Up.”

“I took him up on the offer I went out there, great show,” said Budden. “A lot of people came out to support dude and that was it. It was great it was real good."

Now the former foes are in talks to collaborate in the future. “If I tell you everything that we talked about it’ll probably spoil anything that will ever happen. I don’t want to give it away” said Budden. “It’ll be dope when it happens but yeah, no more beef. Beef is over.”

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