NEWS: The Game Cries Foul Over Sean Bell Snub, "I Don’t Belong In This Hip-Hop"


Written By Cyrus Langhorne

Compton rapper The Game got emotional during a recent interview, explaining why he's a misfit in today's hip-hop climate and revealing his frustrations with other rappers who he says refused to jump on his Sean Bell tribute song, “Cop Killer.”

During the Music Choice interview, Game discussed the difficulty of trying to get artists to perform on his controversial Bell dedication - which he hoped would pay homage to the unarmed Queens resident shot over 50 times by police in 2006.

“I reached out to a lot of artists and I told ’em what I was gonna do for Sean Bell and a lot of them just…I got a gang of excuses,” he explained. “Nobody wanna stand up and be a man. We don’t have a problem putting out a mixtape dissing each other but the people that you say or claim to hate so much, which is, or the situation that render us helpless like police brutality, excessive force, people using the shield to really deal the wrong way with human beings, you know, like nobody wanna stand-up for that except me.”

Immediately following his statement, Game displayed emotion as he continued his argument in tears.

“Sh*t is f*cked up, man it’s just, people just don’t understand man,” he said. “And that’s why I don’t wanna be a part of hip-hop anymore. Every--, it just ain’t right, man. And hip-hop just didn’t used to be like this, you know. Like, it’s not why I do it. It’s not why I’m here.”

Relating hip-hop to it’s golden age throughout the 80’s, the former G-Unit member separated himself from this new generation.

“I don’t belong in this hip-hop,” he decalred. “I belong in like, the old hip-hop. People that really didn’t care about being vocal you know. N.W.A. [and] Public Enemy, people that really stood. Queen Latifah, MC Lyte."

Game concluded the interview saying he shouldn’t co-exist with the current rappers in hip-hop. 

Game’s L.A.X. is scheduled to hit stores August 26th.


yo right now i fuckz wit Game bcuz he sees the light now. In the early yrs Hip hop was a way of life. But it has become a real joke! It has been taken away from the creators by the corporations. They sign the checks, so they now make the policy for Hip Hop. These rich rappin and producing NIGGERS in Hip Hop are tamed clowns just like the black atheletes of today. They can hurt themselves and severely disrespect each other, but never ever speak out against the master and the extreme evil that he does. Fucked up shit is we created Hip Hop inspite of the master! Now he runs shit! Think about that u lame azzez!

Despite breaking down into tears, I feel where Game was comin from. All these niggaz in hip-hop today turned into straight hoes. And the fans today are even worse. Just listen to Two Piece.

Game's bipolar, crying, emotional what? Nobody's perfect. Those are problems everyday people go thru. Don't knock Game just for being human. That's the problem being in the public eye. And besides, hip-hop is in a sad state right now compared to what we used to be. It's enough to make anyone cry.

Remember, any one of us could've been Sean Bell. So for people not to step up for a cause such as that is absolutely lame. We can't just roll over like that...that's not what KINGS do.

But you can think what you want. I know no one's gonna listen to me any way.

LAX August 26th
DETOX coming soon
Peace to the usuals

Game is rite tho' ...hip hop isnt what it used to be...nobody likes tha rap part of it now jus put some niggaz together on some hot beat w/ akon/Tpain on the hook u got yoself a hit!!!

"Bipolar?" Thats a man whose showin he cares! If its an act its an act but he right though. Niggas nowadays dont represent "NOTHIN!" Hell, half these niggas cant even rep where they from right, let alone voice out against a black man who was shot 51 FUCKIN TIMES! Hip hop is still alive, and these underground cats who been doin it right they gonna get their turn. I dont hate the T-Pains and the Yung Yins and Yung Yangs of the world, but niggas is gonna wake up when they realize that aint shit to be smilin and dancin about.

What exactlly does Game represent? He condomns gangs by representing BLOODS, every other word that comes out of his mouth is either bitch or mafucka, he brags about fucking a different bitch everyday of the week, talks openly about killing himself. So what exactly does he stand for. He is the prime example of a walking contradiction himself. You want to take a stand on something, take a stand on gangs in L.A. killing black youth at a all time high. Take a stand on men who don't raise their children. You ever think other rappers didn't want to be on your record because it was "WACK"? Niggas with white face paint running around like "Dead Presidents". Nigga make some original material and maybe cats won't think that you are the joke. Watch, tomorrow he will be like "yeah i said it but fuck, that was yesterday." Nigga Please.

I feel game. He is Bipolar though. Where is Tupac when you need him?

man leave game alone people hatin cause he showed real emotion he did not get nobody on the song proves some of theses rappers only care about their self no big surprise he should have reach out to some indie artists to get on the track

I have always admired Game's willingness to show emotion. He is a guy who is really effected by the world around him and is man enough to show that. Clearly he is not a punk as evidenced by him leaving G-Unit on principle and his willingness to throw the hands when necessary rather than bust caps. I have only been a fan since Doctor's Advocate, but much of that album was a throwback in my opinion and I loved that about it. He's right. He was born too late. Most of these new cats are cool with their slave to the label role as long as their pockets stay fat. Game has proven unequivically that he is not down with that.

Maybe one day people will understand...

Just keep makin the music. We'll listen.

The fact Game wants to stand up for something some of you guys don't rank as high as dead beat fathers and gangs doesn't mean his comments and concerns aren't legit. He's done questionable things like the butterfly tat and I ain't all cool with the name droppin' he does, but a service we pay for with our tax money turns around and shoots ONE OF US over 50 times!? Them cops ain't care, bi-polar or not. And it COULD have been ANYBODY. I live in North Carolina and the cops did the same thing a few months ago. But I guess that's okay. Long as we keep rappin' 'bout makin' it rain.

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